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Beauty Care! APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, No Ads) v4.0.6

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NameBeauty Care!
Package Namecom.rubygames.doctorcare
PublisherRuby Game Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 5.1
Can play offline

Download and install the MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No Ads) version of Beauty Care!, you have a lot of money to buy everything you want in this game.

Introduce about Beauty Care!

Recently, Beauty Care! has been heavily advertised on Facebook. However, the game does not really approach and retain players in such a dry way.

Have you spent hours on YouTube watching clips about squeezing pimples or remove skin blemishes? Although they are a bit “hideous” but can not deny the appeal of these clips. And Beauty Care! is one of those games that allows you to do those things yourself.


Join Beauty Care!, you will become a dermatologist. Your task is to take care of the feet of customers so that they become clean and healthy. Every day, you come in contact with dozens of patients. Their feet are in trouble, they need a dermatologist.

In order to play Beauty Care! well, you must have good patience and endurance. If you have a little more ingenuity, you will complete the task faster and get more rewards. However, those are the final results. For now, be ready to face the foot problems of customers. Consider, because they can make you nauseous.

Take care of patients

Beauty Care! has many levels along with unique missions. You will have to handle the stretch marks, calluses of customers. Squeeze thick pimples all over the feet or treat open wounds. You are not only a doctor but also a foot spa staff. Sometimes, you also have to shave the legs, trim the nails, making sure the feet of customers are as healthy and smooth as possible.

If you like squeeze pimples, the pimples in Beauty Care! can satisfy you. They are designed to have different sizes and the way to handle them is also extremely authentic. You will dress on the screen like you’re squeezing real acne. Many large pimples also require you to have the right tools to handle. In particular, the pus will automatically “erupt”, giving you an extremely interesting experience.

I personally like the levels required shaving legs. Looking at the rough, hard black legs, it looked extremely itchy and uncomfortable. Trimming them neatly made me feel a lot more comfortable.

Sometimes, levels in Beauty Care! are also quite unrealistic. For example, having a whole bunch of mushrooms growing on your feet. And to handle them you can use scissors to cut and use water to treat the fungus. But anyway, this level is quite interesting and highly entertaining.


Completing the level, you will be rewarded with Ruby. However, Ruby in Beauty Care! is not very valuable. Currently, the game has no items to unlock. You only unlock more new levels and more unique challenges.

Some minus points

Players are constantly responding to the game about appearing too many advertisements. The frequency with which they appear is so high that they cannot complete a level without watching them. Although knowing Beauty Care! is a free game, developers need ads to maintain funding, but ad videos can ruin the player’s experience.

Even when users pay to use the upgraded version, the ads are not really removed. The best way is to turn off your Internet connection when playing this game. Or more simply, you can use the free MOD APK version provided by us. Advertising will no longer be a problem.

Beauty Care! is heavily advertised on sites like Facebook. This easily attracts people’s attention. However, many users responded that the game was like a pack of instant noodles, because the content of the game was not the same as on the ad.

For example, when you online Facebook, you’ll see Beauty Care! is advertised with a video about remove maggots from customers’ feet. But this level is completely not in the game. Some tools are also not existed. Many users judge that they feel “cheated” when they do not experience what they want.

MOD APK version of Beauty Care!

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money in the game.
  • No Ads: Remove all ads of this game. You are no longer bothered by ads.

Download Beauty Care! MOD APK for Android

Overall, Beauty Care! has quite creative and new content, suitable for those with slightly “weird” a little. Although the later levels are somewhat repetitive, this game still funs in its way. If you are interested, please download and experience for yourself.

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