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My childhood is associated with the virtual pet machine “made in China” with a monochrome pixel screen and egg shape. This virtual pet machine is attached to the childhood of 9x, the main task of the players is to take care of their pet since it was born, ensuring it does not starve. This virtual pet game has made winds all over the world, making it the biggest game of the day. In essence, the virtual pet machine I used to have just fake from China costing only $1 (Cheap for a child), the original version of it is called Tamagotchi, created by Bandai (Japan).

In addition to the fever with Bandai virtual pet game, my childhood is also associated with the Digimon cartoon, which is also produced by this company. This is an animated film about the miracle animals created from digital data, quite similar to Pokemon. While Pokemon was more popular around the world, Digimon is more highly rated for its strengths. In Vietnam, this movie is called The Adventures of the Digimon, which was broadcasted from 1998 to 2000.

Digimon is also similar to Pokemon, becoming a source of inspiration for developers to create compelling games. When Nintendo has Pokemon, Bandai also has DigimonLinks, a highly addictive virtual fictional role-playing game for mobile devices like Android, iOS. I’ve played DigimonLinks in hopes that it will make me feel rejuvenated again, even though I’m older now, and DigimonLinks did not disappoint me.


DigimonLinks 2

DigimonLinks takes players into a digital world where legendary Digimon beasts are exits. The first is Aguman – the important beast in the movie. You’ll also meet a lot of other Digimon like Metal Greymon, of course not all, but I’m sure that’s enough for a fan of the movie. DigimonLinks is a turn-based RPG, meaning that players can bring up to 3 Digimons with them at any time. Use these Digimons to fight against all other players.

pk DigimonLinks

The game has a rather cumbersome task system, so many tasks you can perform in DigimonLinks. To talk about the quests in the game, maybe 1000 words are not enough. So maybe you should find out when playing more. Based on this mission system, you will earn money and experience, as well as collect new Digimons.

Collect Digimons.


Different Digimons often have unique skills to use in battle, including Leader Skills, Signature Skills, and Legacy Skills. These skills require energy to use each turn of the Digimon. Attack normally does not consume energy, but of course, it will not be powerful. At the maximum level, the Digimon can evolve to a more powerful stage, transforming all of its shape and skills. Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and Mega are the stages that a Digimon will evolve to. In addition, there are some special levels that a Mega Digimon can reach. The evolution of a Digimon in the game gives the player a lot of options.

You can also add the chip into the Digimon (can be removed). These chips have the function of helping the player to sacrifice a Digimon to pass other players when it reaches the Mega level. Note that if you sacrifice a Digimon, you lose it permanently.


DigimonLinks farm

Besides the main focus of DigimonLinks is virtual pets, the game also has many other interesting elements. Worth mentioning is the farm, where you can nurture, train the Digimon and rest after the tired battles. The area also has buildings that can be used to create the advantage for your beasts when entering the battle. These buildings can be upgraded to bring greater benefits but will require time and money.

  • Labs: Where you can train/evolve Digimon
  • Meat field: Increases experience points
  • Exchange: Buy special items

Graphics & Sound

Another highlight of DigimonLinks is graphics. The game is great. Digimons are designed on a 3D background, extremely detailed, lively and special. Digimon’s skill effects are also very nice.

The sound of DigimonLinks is not so prominent, nor too bad. The game uses quite lively music in the battle, soft music for the farm. Anyway, the sound is not so important, because I’m not a strict person.


Overall, DigimonLinks is a quality mobile game. The game is quite cumbersome with the number of Digimons and number of tasks but is also a great way to diversify the game. Needless to say, this game is really for real Digimon fans. Game support for both iOS and Android.

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