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Detention MOD APK received a lot of compliments and positive reviews from the gamer community. This game, a horror game based on Taiwan’s religious culture during the martial law period, will take you into the creepy world with an unbelievable transformation.

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Introduce about Detention

Detention in a terrifying obsession!

There are many genres of horror games: game where you must chase a serial killer, game where you must escape from a haunted house, surreal ghost games with fantasy elements, typical ghost games with heart-pounding jumpscares. But there’s a horror game which is completely different from what you’re used to and doesn’t fall within any of the spooky elements before. I’m talking about the story in Detention.

The world in Detention is both fictitious and real. You will both play and be resentful, but still don’t want to get out of it to return to reality. The adventure unfolds with plenty of trick questions along the way. Your task is to solve all to find the necessary items to escape the haunted school and escape the deformed country in the game.

Haunting detention story

Detention is a strange horror game, from the setting to the way the story progresses. Most of the details take place during the period of martial law in Taiwan in the 1960s. It was the political and military chaos. At the same time, there were thousands of beliefs, customs, and cultures together capture the spirit of all people.

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The story revolves around the main character named Wei Chung Ting, an ordinary student who has a habit of sleeping in class. One time when he waked up, Chung Ting heard a loudspeaker announcing that a big storm was coming, and everyone was rushing to evacuate to another place.

He ran too. And when he ran into a girl, and she was also sleeping. He immediately waked her up, and the two continued to run. But when he reached the bridge, he was unlucky enough to be swept away by the water. Then for some reason, the river water suddenly turned blood red. At that moment, it seemed that they had been transported to another world. Everything was magical, half real and half unreal. The two are forced to join forces to escape from hundreds of species of demons, decipher a series of secrets and find clues to get out of this strange place.

Up to this point, have you gotten how many elements are integrated here? The monsters, ghosts and all that are present in this haunted school all come from ancient Taiwanese legends and religions. The way to find exorcism items and weapons to fight them all comes from the religious beliefs of the nation. The whole game is an adventure through the length of history and experience the reason why Taiwanese people believe in those thing so much.


It is right to say the gameplay is so simple, but it’s not wrong to say it’s difficult. With just a touch and drag on the screen, you will control different characters to venture into an anomalous world surrounded by strange ghostly forces.

The first half of the game feels quite similar to Resident Evil. There are many complex and unpredictable puzzles that require real concentration and patience to solve. You also have to constantly move, run through this point and that to find hints. It is quite hard.

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Wherever you go, you must be on the lookout for the lingered ghosts that lurk around the school. If you face them, you only have to endure the battle because they will enthusiastically hug you in horror. You will have to offer rice offerings to distract them or hold your breath to endure the battle. Offering rice is not always available, but the quantity is too limited. If you hold your breath for too long, you will die… The types of puzzles mixed with so many kinds of ghosts will bring you so many strange feelings.

The second half of the game focuses on the story, explaining all the grievances and confusing situations that the player has encountered before. At the same time, it opens an exit for those who are patient and want to go to the end of the game: escape the haunted school and get out of this illusory Taiwan to return to the real world. Of course, the typical “specialty” of a horror game is indispensable: You will have many different endings, depending on your choices and ways of looking at the problem.

After playing the game, you will reflect on the past, the fear, and the confusing scenes in it. Then you explain your fear and think about the sufferings in the history of the people here. There are few games that leave so many ‘bitter aftertastes’ like Detention, whether you “finish” or “conquer” it or not.

Massive picture of culture and beliefs

Detention is an amalgamation of stories, beliefs, and a series of unbelievable spiritual conceptions of Taiwanese culture during this complicated period.

Playing the game, you also have the opportunity to admire and feel Taiwanese culture through the background music (which is sometimes melodious, sometimes extremely obsessed) with traditional Asian musical instruments. There are also so many styles of music: Electronic, Lo-Fi and Rock. Believe me, just listening to it creates all kinds of horrible shapes in player’s head. And when I entered the game, it was even more terrible.

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The 2D graphics in Detention are inspired by Taiwanese literature, cinema, and novels of the 1960-1970 period. The doodles, the moody shapes, the gloomy tones, the iconic objects like the prayer tree, the paper fan, the lantern, the iron-framed window… all will make you surprised.

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What an excellent game with haunting graphics and music, deep plot, many layers of association. Enjoy the story and follow the series of puzzles and solving situations, you will find real fear coming from deep in the subconscious, not just the normal jumpscare.

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