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NameDead Effect 2
Package Namecom.badflyinteractive.deadeffect2
PublisherApp Holdings
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Ammo
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Dead Effect 2 MOD APK is a very chaotic world. In here, you will transform into a heroic warrior, bravely holding weapons in your hand to destroy the enemy. Not everyone can win because the enemies you are about to face are terrible-looking monsters, species that first appeared on Earth. They are deformed, aggressive, and have a lot of unpredictable abilities.

Introduce about Dead Effect 2

The nightmare isn’t over. Plunge into the darkness aboard ESS Meridian again!


Dead Effect 2 is the sequel to the game of the same name. The story revolves around strange events coming to the spaceship ESS Meridian in the time of 2045, the ESS Meridian is on its way to the planet Tau Ceti with the mission of establishing a new human settlement.

Dead Effect 2 for Android

On the spaceship, everything is quiet, the dark and quiet space from the beginning of the game gives you goosebumps because you know in advance that something terrible is about to happen.

As expected, most of the crew are in hibernation to get through the long journey. Only a few people with the special duty of guarding the ship were awake. Once out of the Earth’s atmosphere, into the unknown, all rules, laws, and ethics have disappeared. These conscious members themselves, for some unknown reason, went on a rampage to conduct experiments and conduct forbidden research. They do everything, from super scientific experiments to cloning, to building cyborgs…

Whatever happens, a serious mistake has been made. Copies of the trials have now turned into zombies and mutant monsters. The spaceship that was once a peaceful place for a journey has now turned into a bloody battlefield.

In Dead Effect 1, you play as a volunteer soldier on the ship, one of the crews sleeping in hibernation. You wake up at the very moment the situation is so dire and force to fight to the last breath to survive among these terrifying entities.

As for Dead Effect 2, things progress a little differently. Earth has sent a special team of soldiers to search for and approach the ESS Meridian, the goal is to track down, and destroy all remnants of the terrible experiments to save the aftermath, including the alive people. The ship is now confused, zombies, monsters, foreign objects, and even a few lucky people fighting for their lives. You are among them. That means now you not only have to fight with those monsters but also have to watch out for every move of the approaching special forces team.


Most of the gameplay and controls in Dead Effect 2 are retained as in part one. The game view is still a first-person perspective. Navigate the character using the emulator button on the left side of the screen. Moving your finger on the screen will perform aiming at the targets. On the right are weapons, defensive attack equipment such as explosives, guns, scopes… these items can be changed through the main menu during the game.

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But this return, unlike the first part, Dead Effect 2 has equipped the auto-fire mechanism for the characters. You just need to aim and by default will fire at the right place, destroy the enemy quickly. This improvement helps to reduce a lot of effort and time in combat.

In return, the monsters that were circling the ship after a period of constant hunting now become more aggressive, brutal, and bloodthirsty. Not to mention the threat coming from the other Earth also contributes to the faster game rhythm. With all of that, if the game doesn’t have automatic shooting, the character will be difficult to survive.

Game mode

The game has many rich game modes, presented in the form of missions. Story Mode will take you to follow the plot and uncover a series of horrifying secrets behind the massacre on the ship. Generic Missions mode will offer different mini-quests to destroy each type of monster that is wandering around. There are also Biohazard, Survival, Infestation, and Lone Wolf Missions modes. You guys just slowly enjoy each game mode one by one, each one has a lot of things to explore.


When starting the game, you can transform into one of the following four characters:

  • Gunnar Davis: Heavy weapons expert with have a lot of weapons capable of mass destruction of enemies. If you want to melee, you should choose this character.
  • Jane Gray: female warrior specializing in Shotguns.
  • Kay Rayner: professional assassin with skillful melee skills.
  • Xandria: an expert on weapons especially Plasma and Laser.

In addition, according to the plot, you will also meet other supporting characters, such as Wagner: the professor behind the experiments and the cause of the disaster. Out of regret, he is now always ready to give the necessary instructions, sometimes revealing the weaknesses of the monsters for your convenience. Danette is a skilled instructor for the character, Minikin is a person with extensive knowledge of weapons and weapon upgrade systems, Biekik will give instructions on equipment and defense for the character.


During the battle, each character will be equipped with 3 weapons from one of the following weapon groups:

  • Melee combat with more than 10 types of daggers, hammers, knives, baseball bats, Katana swords, axes, chainsaws…
  • At long range, there are more than 39 types of crossbows, guns including pistols, shotguns, grenade launchers, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, Plasma guns, Laser guns…

Dead Effect 2 is famous for more than one reason

The adventure is not only thrilling and exciting but also requires players with super-hard reflexes and an ice-cold head. The characters are equipped with huge weapons and powerful superpowers. Just master the operation and you have a chance to win.

Dead Effect 2 weapons

But if that’s the case, Dead Effect 2 can’t be so famous. The key point of the battle levels in this game is to blend from the RPG genre. Each warrior is divided by Class, through each stage will slowly develop different skills, along with upgrading equipment and improving power indicators. Dead Effect 2 has more than 100 implantable devices and defensive armor, weapons that have more than 40 strains that can be upgraded in the long run. Both stimulating shooting and long-term companionship with such a character with many development lines, it is clear that Dead Effect 2 is an action name game that is so impressive.

MOD APK version of Dead Effect 2

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Ammo

Download Dead Effect 2 APK & MOD for Android

Dead Effect 2 is a first-person shooter with an extremely deep storyline. There is a perfect beginning and end, not just playing and shooting like many other games. Great graphics, perfectly depicting the fear, loneliness, and extreme inhibitions of the survivors on the ship, especially the shape of a few monsters with no heads, no tails, blood all over their bodies. The lighting and sound effects are very scary. Honestly, there is no jumpscare but sometimes I am still scared of these horrible monsters.

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