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NameDarkest AFK
Package Namecom.alicegames.idle.rpg.battler
PublisherThree wishes slot machines game studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Role-playing games require a high level of concentration to play, fight monsters and solve difficult quests. But have you ever thought of playing an idle style role-playing game? If you don’t have an answer or any idea about what I just said, please join Darkest AFK APK.

Introduce about Darkest AFK

Darkest AFK was the new product of Three wishes slot machines game studio. They only released the early access version of the game, but it soon received a lot of attention from gamers, reaching 100 thousand installs.


Darkest Dungeon is a popular role-playing game by Red Hook Studios, released in 2016 on PC. I don’t know if this game and Darkest Dungeon have any connection, but they seem to be very similar.

Darkest AFK is evaluated as a remake version, but the gameplay is simpler and more interesting. In it, players will control their characters to fight hordes of monsters, to protect the world. But instead of controlling each person, setting each action independently for them, now players just tap the screen occasionally to use the special skill. The rest, the character will automatically move, detect the enemy, and automatically fight. This is also a characteristic of the idle games.

Darkest AFK also has a storyline, and you will explore it in turn through quests. Although the game does not provide a contextual introduction, you will take turns passing points on the long path leading to a great battle with the most powerful boss. You will also meet new characters on this journey, who can become teammates and fight with you.

Diverse character system

It is estimated that Darkest AFK has dozens of playable characters. You can choose 3 characters to fight together. And as mentioned, the game has a role-playing element, so each character is designed in detail. They have their own special abilities and combat skills. So, learn about the battle you are about to join, the enemies you are about to face to choose the most suitable characters. The system will also show you the stats comparing the overall strength between your party and the enemy before you start the battle. If you feel that your team is weaker, you can change the members to balance.

Characters can also level up when they gain experience points in battle. Their stats will increase and that makes them much stronger. At the same time, new character abilities will also be unlocked.


In addition to character development through levels, you can evolve them through the equipment. Specifically, each character can carry 4 types of equipment, including main weapon, armor, gloves and secondary weapon. All equipment brings bonus stats such as speed, defense, aggression, strength, accuracy … For special or upgraded equipment, they will increase increase overall likelihood in percentage units. For example, 10% defense increase or 7% strength increase. These types of equipment can be found as you battle, complete quests, or open special gift bags.


Darkest AFK has successfully portrayed a dark, dingy scene that is being destroyed by evil. Characters with classic appearance, but full of courage. Ferocious monsters with sharp weapons and fangs. All fuse together, creating a fierce battle, full of blood and fire.

However, for those who like the background of sharp 3D graphics, they might be a bit disappointed with Darkest AFK. Because the game does not really stand out in this aspect when everything just 2D images. But with details like character expressions, lighting effects or mixing colors in the scene, Darkest AFK can beat many other games of the same genre.

Download Darkest AFK APK for Android

The most intense battles await you in Darkest AFK. Join this game, summon the most powerful heroes to fight against hordes of monsters and mighty bosses. Destroying these bosses not only brings peace to the world, but also gives you great rewards and precious equipment.

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