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NameDark Dungeons
Package Namecom.savelianinc.darkdungeons
PublisherSavelian Inc
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

Dark Dungeons APK is a scenery role-playing game with dark Gothic-style graphics. The game is considered to be extremely difficult and can become a monument in the classic mobile RPG series in the future.

Introduce about Dark Dungeons

What dungeon is equal to the deepest dark corner of humans?

The plot is thrilling from the beginning, promising a gloomy future for all

In Dark Dungeons, you play as the son of a tycoon. One time, you accidentally discovered a dark secret located right under the mansion of the family. You’ve also done some pretty stupid things and as a result, that horrible darkness has actually woken up, spreading across the city in the form of a horrible plague that is transmitted by mosquitoes. Those with such disease would gradually become bloodthirsty and seek to kill people. In the end, all the people in the mansion became infected one by one.

Your task is to identify the complex factions in the family and the staff (and also your father), to finally find the truth of the matter, and find a way to kill tons of monsters and find the source of the disease awakened by yourself.

There is a reason for Dark Dungeons to choose Gothic style graphics for implementation of this game. Basically, everything that appears in the game is dark and barbaric. Digging deeper into the dark world of the dungeons below the mansion, you find yourself unable to trust any person or any word. Everyone in the building seems to have a secret that you don’t know. But why do they stick together as if nothing happened and look so happy together? The game is creepy when you in turn discover the true face of each person and the reason that brings them together.

Don’t trust anyone even the person closest to you

One big note first before you decide to join: Party members can kill each other (of course you don’t know who is the culprit) or they can also kill themselves if suddenly one day they feel no desire to live. It just keeps happening until you realize you can’t trust anyone anymore, sometimes not even yourself. Not to mention the monsters that appear from time to time, forcing you to fight and opening a new hint to your entire life story.

Dark Dungeons chooses to show through the horizontal screen to highlight the feelings of helplessness and despair of the characters. The dungeons are designed in the form of many random rooms. So, before playing you need to observe the map carefully and take the right steps if you do not want to die without understanding what is happening.

You both fight by yourself and manage your Party. So, you have the ability of “level giving” to team members to assist in dungeon exploration. In addition, the items obtained along the way such as loot when killing monsters, gold, weapons can be freely allocated to your team. But remember that the mantra in the game is “Don’t trust anyone”.

Put the mystery and dark side of the side characters aside, almost everyone on your team has their strengths and weaknesses. The task of you as a leader is to see, understand and assign appropriate tasks to each person.

Stress gauge is both the highlight and the most stressful thing in the game

And you probably still remember me talking about the case: killing each other or suicide of the group members? Here, a sign for you to know about impending tragedies. In the game, there is a Stress gauge. Each character will have a Stress gauge maximum of 200. When they reach 100, these guys will have negative symptoms such as slow cooldown, fast blood loss, cursing teammates, hurting themselves…

So, throughout the game, in addition to finding out what the hell is going on here and then leading the team on a mission, you also need to maintain a positive level for each person. It’s real that one is stressed, the others may die because once the Stress gauge reaches 200, that person will either kill his teammates or suicide.

Visual and sound

As all in a dark black color, this game is not meant to be played in a sunny space. You should let yourself empathize with the character by playing the game at night or in a dark room. And when you really immerse yourself in the game, you will understand why the “heavy mentality” element of Dark Dungeons can bring total stress to the player. That is also the very attractiveness of this game that no other RPG game has ever done.

The sound is nothing to complain about. It is not the kind of jumpscare that makes you jump on the chair like in a ghost game. In Dark Dungeons, the sound is a sobbing echo or a silence that is suffocating. The player’s mood is suppressed, the character’s psychology is always like waiting to explode.

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If you have a weak heart and don’t want to go into a world of sickness which is complicated, and full of horror, absolutely do not play Dark Dungeons! And if you really want to experience the hair-raising feeling and the wonderful torments from the darkness of the soul, then please come to the world of Dark Dungeons!

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