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After Smilegate released Crossfire in 2007, this game quickly became one of the best FPS game, arguably one of the most popular FPS games around the globe. The game is well-known for its lightweight yet realistic graphics, beautiful and smooth effects, and a variety of game modes and weapons systems. Not only that, you can experience the environment as in the real army.

Despite some rumours for a long time, the player has to wait until now to experience the English version of Crossfire: Legends after Tencent acquired the copyright from Smilegate. I quickly download and play, I feel that the game retains the charms of the PC version, but has been greatly improved to fit the mobile platform.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce
  2. Familiar modes
  3. New Mode: Survival
  4. Weapon system
  5. Graphics and sound
  6. Overview
  7. Download CrossFire: Legends APK for Android (Latest version)


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The first time you play Crossfire: Legends, you will be instructed by a beautiful and seductive girl. If you’ve ever played the PC version, you will easily recognize this girl as the Fox character, one of the most attractive female characters in the game. Unlike the PC version, the Mobile version has a pretty picky story about a battle between the members of the task force with evil enemies.

The dual control mechanism makes it easy to control the movement of the characters and to use the weapons in the game in the smoother manner. The game optimizes the look and feels of the virtual keyboard on the phone screen, allowing the player to control the game without obscuring the view. Still, it’s a bit difficult to play FPS games on a mobile platform, that’s hard to control with many players, but you’ll get used to after a few games.

Familiar modes

You will still be involved in familiar modes that have become the brand of Crossfire: Legends such as Team Match, C4, Single Match, Zombies and even Rank. The ranking system is similar to League of Legends, you have to try hard each match to get the highest ranking.

Moreover, you will experience the familiar maps such as Death crossroads, Pyramid, Cargo ship or Ancient arena. Also, the game also updates more interesting maps to discover.

New Mode: Survival

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Maybe you know Tencent is also the official publisher of PUBG and PUBG Mobile, so adding survival mode to Crossfire: Legends is also easy to understand. In this mode, you will enter the war of survival with 99 other players. The “last man standing” rule, ie only the one surviving player, is the winner. You know what to do? Killing all to become the winner.

Weapon system

The game features all the weapons you’ve ever like, such as MG3, M4A1, AK, AWN, Desert Eagle, Thompson, Gatling gun, and even melee weapons such as shovels, axes, katana. Moreover, these weapons also have special upgrades such as Thompson Gold, Desert Eagle Born Beast or Dragon weapons collection. Of course, the better the weapon, the higher its value, even some weapons you have money can’t buy but can own them by luck. I like Barret because of the huge gun damage, which is very suitable for Zombie mode.

Graphics and sound

Crossfire Legends graphics 1024x576

I impressed with the graphics of Crossfire: Legends because of the incredible authenticity. The game uses QuickSilver technology to make the 3D graphics bright and realistic and makes you think this is not a mobile game. The interface is designed in harmony, allowing you to easily control as well as observe around without obstacles. You should use a high-end phone to make the game experience smoother.

Sound effect also is advantages of this game. The characters are voiced 100% complete, the sound of guns, explosive bombs very similar to in real life. You will enjoy listening to the orders of the characters or when they say Double Kills, Tripple Kills, Multi Kills, …


In a review, I can’t list all the fun of this game. Crossfire: Legends is really an FPS game that can not be missed. You can experience this great shooter game by downloading the link below the article. Meanwhile, I will continue to hunt zombies.

Download CrossFire: Legends APK for Android (Latest version)

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