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CrashMetal APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.0

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Package Namecom.stanislaw.CrashMetalGP
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Conquer the streets and become a top racer in CrashMetal MOD APK, a racing game with extremely realistic graphics by Stanislaw Dev. Download the game via the link below the article.

Introduce about CrashMetal

CrashMetal is a new racing game that appeared in early August this year. Launched at a time when the speed games are trending thanks to realistic graphics, attractive fast-paced gameplay and constantly updated, CrashMetal still retains a classic style but is not outdated. With only a mid-range Android device with 250MB of space and Android 5.0 operating system, you can experience this amazing racing game.


As I said, CrashMetal has classic gameplay and is easy to find in other racing games. Take part in the race, rise to the top until you finish and win. Basically like that. However, you will face fierce competition from other cars, they will not be afraid to cross your head, encroach the road or even knock you off the track.

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To control the car in CrashMetal, you need to do flexible manipulation between 5 virtual buttons on the screen. In the left corner is the button to adjust the left and right direction, helping the player to quickly choose the direction instead of tilting the device like some other racing games. The right side includes a brake button, a gas button is used to accelerate or slow down the car. There is also a gear lever above, but this lever has only two numbers, forward and backwards, and can be used flexibly depending on the situation.

Before entering the track officially, players will have some time to get used to the track. Each race has different terrains and getting used to them is extremely important. Feel free to survey the track, do some drift or even leave the device .. and make a coffee, only when you really want to play, go to the designated area and the race begins. Follow the green markings indicated on the map, which is your track route.

Modern super cars

CrashMetal has an extremely diverse and abundant car garage. The cars of this game are designed not based on any real car of any car company in the world but also from the designer’s imagination. From the old cars that appeared in the last century to the most modern and advanced models that the technology in real life cannot be touched.

Each type of car has different prices depending on their parameters but basically will also increase from old to new. If you love a certain car, race a lot and win a high rank, you will save very quickly from the bounty of each race, then buy the car you dream of.

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In addition, another extremely interesting feature of CrashMetal is the vehicle customize feature. The default vehicle color in CrashMetal is always silver-white for every vehicle when purchased. In fact, they look very classy and powerful, but if you want to change to suit yourself, the game still gives you many colors, decan looks extremely personality and strong.

Besides, the spare parts can be installed to increase the style for your cars such as new wings, lights, rims or wheels. They will not increase or decrease your vehicle’s stats but are simply decorative so do not hesitate to buy.


CrashMetal’s exciting modes are always ready for you to experience. The most popular mode is Career. Players will be arranged next to 7 other cars to form a racetrack, with different levels of difficulty depending on the level of each person. This is also the main money-making mode that helps players buy a car before going to the big race.

Once you are confident enough in your abilities by racing against the AI, you can challenge yourself in the larger arena, racing online. The system will automatically match you and other players to a track, allowing the racers to compete. Basically, it’s not much different from playing offline, the only difference is that opponents will now be real players, they have a lot of experience and tricks to knock you off the track. Prove you’re the best racer by climbing to the top of the leaderboards.

Graphics and sound

Capacity is only 250MB, but the graphics of CrashMetal can be called excellent. Real 3D images are meticulously invested in. The models in CrashMetal are designed with a shape that looks no less than real-life supercars, beautiful without dead corners.

CrashMetal graphics 1440x665

Outside, including buildings, billboards, sound effects are also vividly and shimmering. If the graphics score of Asphalt 8 is 10 points, I think that CrashMetal can confidently receive 8 points.

MOD APK version of CrashMetal

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download CrashMetal APK & MOD for Android

Not yet reached the blockbuster level, but CrashMetal with classic gameplay and beautiful visuals have also attracted many players when only released for 2 months. The game promises to bring a lot of fun for the car enthusiast with its own quality.

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