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Chain Strike MOD APK 2.0.5 (God Mode)

NameChain Strike
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Version2.0.5 (build 1034)
MOD FeaturesGod Mode
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I have reviewed many interesting strategy games like Guns of Glory or Returners. These games are often very attractive but require you to think and calculate more than the role-playing games. Today, I introduce you to another tactical game. A game called Chain Strike APK, released by the publisher Com2uS. After playing the game, I was completely be conquered. Do not know this game has something interesting? You can read the review below to find the answer.

Table of contents
  1. About Chain Strike
    1. Story
    2. Tactical gameplay
    3. Diverse characters
    4. Attractive modes
    5. Graphics
  2. MOD APK version of Chain Strike
    1. MOD feature
    2. Note when installing the MOD version
  3. Download Chain Strike MOD APK for Android

About Chain Strike


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The game takes us back to the medieval, on the Signus continent. At this time, the world is going through a series of wars. Thanks to the power of the Philias, the Empire forces carried out a conquest. All kingdoms fall into their power. Only one last kingdom survives before being destroyed by the Empire. Before the last moment, the knights of the kingdom have devised a final way to prevent them. They must return to the past 10 years ago, find the Philias before the Empire and stop this war before it begins. Will they be successful?

Tactical gameplay

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Map of the game is designed in 5×7 rectangular shape. In Chain Strike, you need to have a squad of five warriors to engage in battles. It’s hard to control one character, so what if you want to control all five? Do not worry. You only need to select skills and locations for the warriors and they will automatically fight with the enemy. Because each of them possesses different skills and powers, this requires that you arrange and control tactics that are logical and accurate.

Like some other strategy games like The Alchemist Code, Chain Strike has familiar turn-based gameplay. Each time your attack, you must calculate the most damage possible, while nullifying the enemy’s attack. Even if you are weaker than your opponent, with the right tactics you can still win them.

Diverse characters

Chain Strike characters 1024x576

Chain Strike’s character system is huge. More than 200 characters, divided into five different powers are Rook, Bishop, King, Knight and Queen. This will make you a headache to think of the right tactics. The squad usually has four main roles, including Attack, Defense, HP, and Support. You can arrange a standard squad. If not, you can also arrange a team of five Attack or five Support. Because you are free to create the tactics you want, you can do everything. No one stops you. However, to win the enemy is not easy at all.

Along with that, you can equip your character with different types of equipment to increase the power. The most important items are Moonstones. They are the main ingredients for you to upgrade and exchange for other valuable items.

Attractive modes

Chain Strike modes 1024x576

Story Mode is the main mode for you to engage in exciting battles with monsters. You can explore the interesting myths of the Signus continent. RPG games are indispensable PvP mode. You will be challenged by other players to find the strongest player in the game.

The Forgotten Tower is where you use all of your characters for the battle. This is the funniest mode I ever knew. Besides, you can combine with other players to kill Bosses in the Unknown Land. Want to exchange, purchase equipment? Mysterious Sanctuary is where you search. This is also where you can communicate, make friends with other players.


Chain Strike graphics 1024x576

The details of Chain Strike are designed on the basis of advanced 3D graphics. Characters, monsters, Boss have cartoon style, looks very cute, fun. I’m quite impressed with the graphics of the game. Although not too picky, you can satisfy with the graphics of this game.

MOD APK version of Chain Strike

MOD feature

God Mode

Note when installing the MOD version

You must install OBB file of APKMODY. Otherwise, the game may not work.

Download Chain Strike MOD APK for Android

Overall, Chain Strike is a relatively attractive game. A high-quality game, nice graphics and new gameplay. If you are looking for a strategy game, Chain Strike is a perfect choice. Currently, the game supports both iOS and Android operating systems. You can download the game via the links below:

Chain Strike APK v2.0.5
Chain Strike APK (MOD MENU) v2.0.5

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