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NameBus Simulator: Ultimate
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Latest Version1.0.8
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Bus Simulator: Ultimate (MOD Unlimited Money) – Maybe many of you here who are fans of Grand Theft Auto. It can be said that this is an interesting game, I do not deny that. A role-playing game with great graphics, attractive gameplay, you can freely to travel and operate the underground world out of the law. So if one day, instead of playing or organizing racing like real gangsters, then you have to sit behind the wheel of the bus, do the job of transporting people day by day, what will it feel like?

Do not rush to judge that job is boring because more or less it also becomes an interesting experience while helping you understand the traffic rules that you must participate in every day. So today, I will introduce to you a brand new game of the publisher Zuuks Games about this genre, which is Bus Simulator: Ultimate.

Become a bus driver

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is unlike any other driving game you have ever played. Instead of driving like crazy, drift on every street in the city, making daring chase with the police, this game will make you a true bus driver. Your task is to transport passengers to the required place while ensuring the safety of passengers.

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Basically, the console of the car on your screen is really not too difficult to understand. In a more positive way, it is very practical. Players can control the bus thanks to two buttons that adjust the direction of the left-hand corner of the screen. In the right corner of the screen, the manufacturer specifically designed a lever, a throttle pedal and a brake pedal identical to the real structure. The lever will help you control the vehicle forward or backward for the purpose. Besides, brake and the throttle will handle the vehicle speed. To drive a car that is “smooth”, you need to coordinate the movements very smoothly and absolutely obey the traffic law if you don’t want to work with the police.

Another thing is equally important: don’t forget to use the turn signal every time you switch lanes or turn. The city is very strict about this, become a conscious traffic participant.

The fastidious passengers

In addition to driving from point A to point B in the safest way, you must also meet the basic needs of customers. After each you go to the bus station safely, guests will leave feedback on you depending on what you have brought to them. These reviews are social and extremely real. In Bus Simulator: Ultimate, every assessment whether negative or positive are very details. Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable with them but maybe you deserve those judgments.

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To get good reviews, you need to improve your driving skills, serve customers the basics and absolutely do not violate traffic laws. Some functions on the car can satisfy customers such as turning on the radio on the car, upgrading the interior, go to the bus station safely… Up to 250 radio channels, there are many modern and classic songs for you to enjoy.

Unlock many different maps

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Your workplace in many countries around the world: Italy, Germany Turkey, France … However, when you first join the game, you can only drive on two main roads. In order to expand the area of operation, players need to work hard, earn money from difficult passengers to unlock new routes. You will have to spend really reasonable because the money going abroad is not cheap.


Bus Simulator: Ultimate is an upgrade of Truck Simulator 2018: Europe both in terms of gameplay and graphics. The game provides a beautiful, realistic 3D visual background. The route takes place in the major cities of the world, simulating the same to every detail. Day and night effects and diverse weather changes, giving you the same experience as real-life driving.

Bus Simulator Ultimate map 1024x576

Besides, the sound effects are extremely lively and attractive. The sound of car engines, passengers’ voices, and radio are all extremely realistic sounds. These images are very familiar if you often travel by bus.


As a game that promotes traffic safety and working life attitudes, Bus Simulator: Ultimate has taught me a lot about driving rules. Although it is impossible to bring excitement like street racing games, this game still ensures entertainment with education for drivers.

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