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Bravely Archive is the latest Japanese role-playing game by Square Enix. The English version of the game was first released in North America as Bravely Archive D’s Report after its original Japanese version closed in 2017. The game supports smartphones and tablets, released for free for both iOS and Android operating systems. If you love playing role-playing games, you are probably familiar with Square Enix RPGs like Final Fantasy or Bravely. You can download and install games simply in a few steps. But first go down to the article section to find out some interesting things about this game with me.


Summary about Bravely Archive APK

NameBravely Archive
Genre, , ,
Latest Version1.0.7
MOD FeaturesNo
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
Get It OnDownload from Google Play


The developer of Bravely Archive, Ishii Ryoutarou, is also the developer of Grimm’s Notes and Dia Horizon. Next to him is Yamanaka Jouji, producer of Bravely Default: Fairy’s Effect. If you’ve ever liked the music in Bravely Default, this game will definitely bring you special emotions, because this game uses the background music of Bravely Default, written by Revo.

The story

Thousands of years ago, the dragon Garganthos wanted to destroy all humanity, but with courage, mankind had a fierce battle and did not let the dragon easily do it. As a result, they defeated Garganthos and locked him in a giant crystal, called “Archive”. Thanks to the power of the dragon, the Archive has contributed to controlling and binding the fate of mankind. One day, the Archive slammed into the mainland of Luxendarc, its fragments flying around the world. The organization named Anastasis Library is responsible for collecting, controlling and researching these crystals so that it does not fall into the hands of the bad guys. But the dark forces named Breakers have appeared to stop that effort.

How to play?

Bravely Archive is a turn-based role-playing game where players use a group of heroes to confront the dark forces in the Dungeon. This game has a play called “Hold and Swipe”, it means you touch a character in your squad, hold and select a skill that they own. Each character has many unique skills that you must learn to use them in the best way.

Each hero has many options for you to use. Some heroes have big damage, some can damage multiple targets and even some heroes are capable of healing allies. The use of your skill greatly influences the outcome of the game. By the amount of energy of each hero is limited, you will not be able to use the skill if you continue to use unreasonably.

In battle, you can swipe up, down, or swipe left, right to command your hero to attack the enemy. In there, swipe up to throw enemies into the air and attack them. Want to double damage? Immediately swipe down to smash the enemy from the air to the ground. Enemies in the air will suffer more damage, so try to knock them up continuously. In addition, Bravely Archive supports you to automatically attack. However, I recommend playing it yourself to experience interesting things in tactics.

Moving in the Dungeon is not free like other RPGs. You will move from this dungeon to another dungeon step by step. When moving, you need to break the rocks, kill the bosses and then collect gems and debris Archive.


The background of the Bravely Archive was determined about 100 years after Bravely. You will meet some familiar characters of the Bravely series and related stories to Bravely games before. The main characters include:

  • Mirchstrasse Dahlia: is a library that collects Memories from Crystal Sealed.
  • Giám đốc Gorges: One of the strongest characters. He is the director of the Anastasis Library.
  • Charia Pantanora: A funny librarian, having a hobby of drinking.
  • Vivian Olmet: A young girl from Daria. She does not like eggplant and has the skills of poor people.
  • Dmitri Dotnova: Riche’s brother.
  • Dotnova Riche: Dmitri’s sister.
  • Leti Redith: A mysterious girl rarely appears in the library. Her real identity is Tiare, the alchemist who was rumored to have created an immortal elixir.
  • Katarina: She appears at the Anastasis library with Noin. She lost her home and family during the war.
  • Noin: A cryst-fairy goes with Katarina. A twin sister of Ain.
  • Ain: A cryst-fairy is Noin’s twin sister and Katarina’s best friend.

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Overall, Bravely Archive APK is one of the notable RPGs at the moment. Because this is the first version, there are still some errors. We hope that the publisher will soon improve on the next releases to give the player the best experience. 

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  • Bravely Archive for Android APK - v1.0.7

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