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BOWMAX APK – Top-notch action game like PUBG Mobile or Rules of Survival always requires the ability to combine multiple skills at once: moving, aiming, thinking … It requiring players to be highly qualified to master all skills. But today things will be different. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to the most easy-to-play shooting action game, it is BOWMAX.


Summary about BOWMAX APK

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Latest Version7.4
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PlatformsAndroid 4.4
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Introduce about BOWMAX

BOWMAX is an action game inspired by the “Mad Max” series. The film has the main content revolving around fiery shooting racing in the desert terrain of American mercenaries, where players can kill bad guys outlaw. The battlefield is only for the brave and only one winner. Are you brave enough to participate?


It’s not natural that I say this is an easy-to-play game. If you are a fan of FPS games, you will also find the difficulty of these games to be relatively clear differentiated. The first is the difficulty level, typically PUBG Mobile. In this genre, players will have to do everything from thinking, moving in the large map, looting up and fighting. As for BOWMAX, the only thing you need to do is aim your opponent, that’s all!

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Specifically, players will be paired into a 3v3 match on the desert battlefield. The two teams will drive parallel vehicles while using long-range weapons to damage enemies. You can choose to sit on motorbikes or terrain cars as you like, how to fit the style and help you maximize your firepower.

First, in order to defeat the enemy, you need to shoot their vehicles first. Try to hit so much on the opponent’s vehicle that will damage them and eventually it explodes. At this point, the person in the car will be knocked out, only a single arrow can take him off to his ancestors. The person who is removed from the game will not be revived but will only watch the game from the perspective of any person. Each time you finish an enemy, your team earns one point and after 2 minutes of fighting, the team that wins more points wins.

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During the battle, supplies will fall from the sky, shooting them down will help your team recover a certain amount of HP. Don’t miss this supply, maybe It will save you from a defeat!

Upgrading and customize your cars

An indispensable thing in all shooting games is the feature to upgrade equipment. In order to be able to inflict a large amount of damage on an enemy that requires a powerful weapon to break the armor quickly. When you first join BOWMAX, I use a crossbow with modest power. Therefore, take the time to do the assigned tasks. New weapons with heavy damage like sniper rifles, axes, melee hammer or even grenades. Equipment, special accessories will be unlocked.

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By performing quests and participating in matches, you will receive a certain amount of money. Use them to increase the stats for weapons, armor, and level of vehicles to become stronger. There are over 80 different items waiting for you to upgrade!

Besides, in addition to weapons, the means are also an essential item to help you conquer battles here. Please upgrade your cars to have a grand appearance, sweeping all the battlefields.


BOWMAX has a sharp, vivid 3D graphics platform. Weapons and accessories in the game are designed a lot of shapes. The racetrack is designed with beautiful desert landscapes, perfectly suited to the Holywood scenes in the western United States. Not only that, moving, aiming, and shooting also brings many interesting experiences for players.


After nearly half a year of launch on both Android and iOS operating systems, BOWMAX has received much positive feedback from the gaming community around the world. Although this is a free game to download, there are still paid service packages for those who want to experience online racing features.

If you are looking for a simple shooting game to entertain or play with friends, then BOWMAX is a great choice.

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