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NameBlade Reborn
Latest Version1.1.9
MOD Features: No
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3, iOS 6.0
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Blade Reborn is the new ARPG released by Snail Games and is gaining the attention of players. The game is considered an excellent ARPG with the plot revolves around a war between warriors and scary monsters from Hell. When you look at this game, you may find it quite similar to Diablo on both gameplay and graphics. The game selects dungeon plot rather than Chinese landscape as the other games. You can enjoy some games of Snail Games like Tales of Gaia. Before that, read the review of Blade Reborn for some interesting about this game.


Blade Reborn gameplay

At the beginning of the game, you will receive a call from the gods for the mission to protect the Earth. The Demon Flames are rally an army of destruction, which intends to invade a large scale to destroy humanity, occupying mines buried under the kingdom. More than ever, humanity must unite against each other to fight these monstrous monsters. If you are a warrior, wear your armor, pick up your sword and be ready to fight. Will humanity continue to exist? Will monsters return to hell? Look for answers in Blade Reborn.

Become the strongest warrior

Blade Reborn

The game is a true ARPG with familiar features and modes of the genre. The virtual joystick system is designed scientifically with sensitive sensors that help you easy to control the character. Basically, the gameplay of the Blade Reborn is quite accessible. You just have to control your character to fight all the monsters and the bad guys that appear on the way, they will not stop until taking your life so you have to fight by all your abilities.

Looks simple but to survive the whole dangerous challenge of the game is not simple at all. You need to pick the most suitable hero and practice the powerful skills to become invincible. Don’t forget to unlock and upgrade your equipment.

Hero system

Blade Reborn characters

In Reborn Blade, you have the opportunity to collect a lot of heroes designed with beautiful looks, cool and amazing magic skills. Character systems are divided into three main classes, including An Immortal Wizard, Indomitable Warrior and Silent Assassin. The Mystery System gives players the ability to upgrade your character when you can unlock 64 different skills.


Blade Reborn mode

If you like Boss hunt, you can do it in two World Bosses and Treasure Bosses modes. You can freely explore the endless dungeons of the game, fight the strongest monsters and collect the hidden treasures. Besides, you can also participate in attractive modes like PvP 1vs1, MOBA 25vs25 and a variety of other event modes. You can invite your friends to hunt for bosses, earn gifts. The game honours the best fighters, so climb up to the top in Ranking mode.


Blade Reborn graphics

When playing Reborn Blade, you are immersed in the beautiful world of Western mythology. 3D graphics with HD resolution give you a great visual experience in every detail. The visual effects of gorgeous character skills make me want to play it more clocks and still want to play more.

I love Blade Reborn!

In a review, I can’t list all the great things about this game because the game has so many things to explore. Now it is time for you directly download the game to experience it. Blade Reborn is available for both iOS and Android operating systems, you can download it for free below.

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