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NameBid Wars – Auction Simulator
PublisherBy Aliens
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 8.0
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Bid Wars – Auction Simulator MOD APK is a game that simulates the thrilling auctions of top hunters. Are you ready to enter the world of betting?

Introduce about Bid Wars – Auction Simulator

Auction simulation game with dramatic business scenes!


You know, the auction is an art. People with good knowledge can understand the items well and quickly give a reasonable price, so they can own for themselves a treasure of priceless unique items. Only those who are smart enough can become the auction millionaires of the time. Bid Wars is a game revolving around these fierce “bidding wars”.

Bid Wars – Auction Simulator offers an attractive auction scene on a high-rated reality TV game. And you are the owner of a famous pawn shop. You will participate in this auction market with other professional people to start the game of bargaining and profit.


Players will use their observation skills and smart brain to come up with a suitable auction strategy at each auction time. Try to maximize your item’s future profits, calculate in a split second to determine the price and close the deal, and face challenges like a master of gambling in this challenging game.

To do that, you will have to attract your opponent with the first auction items. If you see an item that may not be profitable in the future, redirect people’s attention to it. At this time, people will focus less on other valuable items, so the opportunity for you to own them at a reasonable price will be more.

In auctions, both in real life and in Bid Wars – Auction Simulator, TIME is money. Be prepared carefully, act quickly and decisively, and negotiate to close the deal to get many valuable items. The secret of a professional antique collector as a true auction magnate is to try all your best. Before the item becomes too expensive because competitors raise its price, buy it as quickly as possible. And if not in time, when the price is too high, don’t try to chase. Stopping at the right time is also a key to survival in this game.

A chance to see rare antiques

Bid Wars – Auction Simulator is also an opportunity for you to see and examine hundreds of rare and precious antiques that have been forgotten by time. They can be an old football signed by the champions, Vegas casino signs, precious antiques recovered from ships on the ocean floor, even alien artifacts… All will appear in Bid Wars – Auction Simulator one after another. Join the auction, win, sell them at your pawnshop, then hold an auction to sell them out for huge profits. The hunt for money goes on indefinitely.

Bid Wars – Auction Simulator is also a time when you can travel around the United States in search of valuable items in famous auctions. You will be so happy when traveling from LA to Vegas in pursuit of an important item equal to a huge profit, which can be a great motivation for you to find joy in Bid Wars – Auction Simulator. Each hunting trip means increasing profits and upgrading your negotiation and bidding skills. With the alternating cash flow in and out of your head, the numbers keep increasing until you really become a billionaire thanks to this hobby.

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MOD APK version of Bid Wars – Auction Simulator

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Bid Wars – Auction Simulator APK & MOD for Android

This simulation game is quite good with a strange theme and special structure. After playing, you may probably think “money is actually quite easy to earn”. But that’s just in the game, and in real life, the auction masters to be famous have to try a lot for a long time. At least, this game does not drain your wallet as much as the real-life experience. The game is worth playing if you are interested in auction markets and want to get auction experience. Download Bid Wars – Auction Simulator here.

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