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Summary about Beyond Helios 1.2

NameBeyond Helios
Latest Version1.2
Size193.08 MB
MOD Features: No
PlatformsiOS 8.0


It’s time to experience the new and unique shooter game called Beyond Helios. Not an FPS shooter like the familiar Hitman Sniper or Modern Combat; or shooters with top-notch graphics; Beyond Helios is simply a spaceship shooting game with simple 2D graphics. I feel this game is very addictive. Publisher Dylan Buchheim brought a new breath in the midst of a series of high-quality graphics games. For only $ 0.99, you can enjoy this unique game. Too great, right?

The war in outer space

Beyond Helios

When playing Beyond Helios, you will be the battle to protect the Earth. The evil forces are plotting to destroy the Earth, they are gathering powerful armies and modern weapons in outer space and are heading towards the Earth. As a member of the cosmic defense team, you will certainly not let them easily complete your mind. You have to jump into a spaceship and engage in fierce battles in space. Can you stop this terrible threat?

Addictive gameplay

Beyond Helios 3

Surely when you play, you will feel like that this game looks similar to the legendary game Sinistar. However, Beyond Helios is much more attractive due to the appeal of the gameplay. Use your spaceship, shoot all the strange objects flying out of space to attack you. Like the chicken shooter game, you have to destroy all the enemies to pass the game, while trying to get the highest score possible.

Beyond Helios’s motion and combat mechanism is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it easy for you to master the ship’s movement. The main play is still shooting to earn points. The battle is almost endless, try to earn as many points in each battle by destroying many enemies. However, you can still go through the screen by moving to designated locations. However, in return, you will gain fewer points.

Three challenging levels

There are three levels for you to choose from, Easy, Frequent and Hard. Once you start playing, you will be offered three lives. If hit by an enemy, you die. If you collide with an enemy, you die. Falling into an electromagnetic storm, you also die. Also, be careful with alien objects such as meteorites, … The game ends when you use up all your lives. However, during the game, you can pick up more networks to help you have a better chance of survival for yourself. Besides, the game also offers a variety of support items on the map so that you can use your firepower.

How would you like it?

Beyond Helios 4

The interesting point in playing this game is that you can comfortably move in large open spaces. However, one time, I went too far, and the game appeared warning back to the designated area. Occasional flying around the space is also an interesting experience you should try. However, there is a minus point that I do not like is that there are too few play modes besides the default mode. I’m looking forward to having more PvP mode to challenge my friends or break the game.


Beyond Helios 2

Beyond Helios has a myriad of types of spacecraft. Each spacecraft has the distinct firepower and its properties, enough to make you curious. Collect gems during the battle to unlock the spaceship in the game’s store system. Also, enemy ships are made with two different types of properties. You can easily grasp the mechanism of the enemy weapon operation to calculate how to deal.

Simple design

Beyond Helios owns a simple, addictive, pixelated graphics. Shaping the spacecraft, the meteor blocks, as well as the obstacles in outer space,… look funny. In addition to this, the classical music also contributed to the name of this game. This is a unique entertainment game.

Final thought

Forget some modern 3D games, try to get involved in space battles in Beyond Helios, and it will help you to entertain extremely effectively. It’s one of the most popular classical-style pixel games that I love.

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