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Balls Rotate (MOD No Ads) is a brand new arcade game of a publisher that must be no stranger to players and readers of APKMODY. Voodoo is famous for simple games, easy to get used to but extremely unique and highly addictive. In fact, the world-leading game rankings have repeatedly witnessed the dominance of games released by this producer. And recently, Balls Rotate has just been officially launched, promising to bring more joy to the fans.

Overview information

NameBalls Rotate
MOD FeaturesNo Ads
RequiresAndroid 4.4

The maze and the balls

In life, there are still things that exist together throughout every year, every season. In literature, when talking about Romeo, people think immediately of Juliet. When mentioning to Lion King, we always think about Simba. As for the game field, mentioning Voodoo, people will think of … the ball.

An interesting fact is that many of Voodoo’s popular games have main characters that are balls. It is possible to mention TigerBall, Dune and the most successful game Helix Jump MOD all have inspiration from this simple thing. This time it is no exception to Balls Rotate. However, talk a bit that in this game, you will be playing with A LOT OF BALLS instead of one ball in the previous games. More ball, more fun. Right?

Rotate the maze

In Balls Rotate, your task is to rotate a maze to get the balls inside it to escape and fall right into the tube arranged below. In the beginning, the balls are placed in the middle of the maze, you rotate it in different directions to help the balls descend gradually. Every nook and cranny of the maze needs to be thoroughly utilized while making the labyrinth move reasonably to bring the ball to the exit. However, you are not allowed to drop the ball indiscriminately. The tube below is the target.

With each ball brought into the tube after each level, the player will be given the corresponding number of points. In fact, you don’t need to be too concerned about the number of balls falling in the tube because, more or less, you will still be able to refresh the number of the ball in the next level. But if you want to score many points, you will have to throw all the balls in the tube. In general, Balls Rotate has endless runner gameplay, you will only really lose when you drop all the balls out. Careful and persistent will help you achieve high achievement.

Unlimited time

Besides simple gameplay, there are still difficult levels cause you to scratch your head and think for many minutes. There is no way to solve it. Such levels require a high level of concentration, advancement and finesse of the player. At those times, time is a frightening pressure that can put players at risk at a critical moment. Therefore, Balls Rotate does not offer any time limit to help players feel most leisurely. Players can freely think, act carefully to achieve high scores.

Because there is no time limit, the gameplay of Balls Rotate is a relatively slow pace. You do not need to rush to complete the level quickly but instead please careful and practice patience.

Some tips

Look closely at the nooks before deciding to rotate the maze: If you don’t look carefully to move the ball, it’s easy to get into the trap that Balls Rotate created. Don’t lose all your balls or get stuck in the first steps!

Focus all the balls in one place: Although most players have this kind of awareness, this is still an extremely important thing and must be repeated. Imagine if the ball is not together, you cannot rotate the maze in one direction while moving all the balls to the direction you want. Can you finish the game like that?

Advertising? Disconnect your internet: As a free game, Balls Rotate also appears many ads, but you completely fix this by disabling the wifi and focusing on the game.

If you want to get a high score, you have to invest: Actually, it is not difficult to pass a game in Balls Rotate because you only need to bring one ball through the hole and you have completed the game. However, if you want to set a record score, you will have to be well prepared both in time, where to play and the spirit.

Simple graphics

In terms of graphics, Balls Rotate has quite abstract 2D graphics. The labyrinth is designed diverse, multi-style, many different shapes. The complexity of the game also depends on the structure of the labyrinth, often the more details the more difficult the level will increase. Besides, in different scenarios, the background color changes are flexible.


If you are looking for a free offline game that can be addictive and kill time, Balls Rotate is exactly what you need. The game brings relaxing moments but at the same time, the challenges in the game are not simple. Train your thinking, ingenuity and patience through this great game.

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