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NameAttack on Titan: Brave Order
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Publisherenish Inc.
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RequiresAndroid 7.0

It’s been a long time since Attack on Titan-themed games closed. On February 11, 2022, mobile game developer Enish released a new strategy genre game called Attack on Titan: Brave Order APK.

Introduce about Attack on Titan: Brave Order

Enish is a game developer adapted from anime on mobile platforms. In September 2021, they released Rent-A-Girlfriend: Heroine All Stars, a game adaptation of the light novel of the same name. Or The Quintessential Quintuplets, which is also an anime adaptation game that is loved by many fans.

However, after Attack on Titan: Brave Order was released, players were a bit disappointed. The graphics are good but the gameplay is a bit boring. So it is predicted that the game will not launch the Global version due to its relatively low popularity.


Attack on Titan: Brave Order has turn-based gameplay. You need to form a squad of up to 3 members. Each character has 3 different skills and cooldown after use. Your mission is to destroy all waves of titans that appear. Next to you is the team of other players and the AI because in the game there are many roles. Your characters do not appear at the same time, but can change flexibly to wait for the skill cooldown. Besides, you can also use healing items to avoid dying. Players can also use the auto feature to save time.

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Choose a character development path

At the start of the game, everyone has to choose their own development. There are 4 directions: Attack type, Defensive type, Recovery type, Supportive type. Each style has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it depends on your early gacha. Most players choose the Attack type to deal a lot of damage and move faster. But in the long run, Supportive type and Defensive type are preferred. The skill branch in the mature tree gives you stamina and healing. Your character will be harder to kill and can deal sustained damage for a long time. The only way to get points to raise the skill branch is to level up.


In the game, you will meet familiar characters in Anime such as Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Annie… To receive the character, you need to use your dignity into the gacha system. Characters are measured in strength by their background. Order of power is Yellow > Purple > no background. It is recommended that you reroll until you have three golden characters. You should decide the development path before building the squad.

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For example, if you choose Attack type, you should aim for Levi Survey Corps because of its multi-target damage ability. The other two characters in the lineup are Historia because of the healing ability, Erwin because of the cc effect and the ability to buff Levi’s damage. If you want to play Mikasa, you should choose Defensive type. The skill branch will give her superior defense. Mikasa Survey Corps’ skill can buff its own attack with 2 skills that deal damage.

Character upgrade

In my opinion, only skill upgrading for the character is difficult. As for leveling up, increasing character stars… you can easily get materials. The character’s skill level is also essential because they help increase the base stats a lot. The material is a duplicate or substitute material. In general, increasing the power in this game is quite simple. In addition, the game also has a VIP system that gives you many incentives such as increased trials, VIP gifts….


The game modes of Attack on Titan: Brave Order are very diverse. Enish wants to increase interaction between players. As a result, almost all modes are multiplayer, even story modes. Not to mention Trials to earn materials and World Boss is also required to have 3 players.

But they didn’t take into account the number of players and the player hierarchy. As I said the game does not attract many players, so sometimes it is difficult for you to match because of the time zone difference.

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Regarding the graphics of the game, the competition is rated at an average level. The developer has integrated 2D and 3D graphics into this game. In combat, the characters are shown in a cute chibi design. However, the skill effect is not pretty. The graphics are also not well optimized, leading to jerks and lag on many devices.

Download Attack on Titan: Brave Order APK for Android

In general, this game can temporarily satisfy Attack on Titan fans. It has been a long time without a game about Attack on Titan on the mobile platform. However, the difficulty you face when playing it is the language because currently, the game only supports Japanese. You should use screen translation apps for a better experience.

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