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NameArcher Hunter
Package Nameco.imba.archero
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 6.0
Archer Hunter for Android
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Archer Hunter MOD APK is an arcade game from the publisher Imba (Singapore). This thrilling action-adventure will give you the chance to transform into a marksman archer, set out to conquer dungeons full of traps to win the mysterious treasure and save the world finally.

Introduce about Archer Hunter

Become the strongest archer, kill monsters and save the world.

This game is very similar to Archero

You have played a lot of thrilling action games with many outstanding heroes and countless powerful weapons. But have you ever played a game in which our hero only used 1001 different types of bows and arrows to fight with monsters? If not, Archer Hunter is a game you can try.

Regarding the motif and plot, in my opinion, there is nothing too strange with this genre. The world is under threat, an evil force is rising, growing, and dominating all species. You are one of the kingdom’s best archers, the only hope for everyone, a legend of humanity with great archery abilities. That means what you really need to care about is not aiming to shoot, but exactly, you do bigger things. Of course, a legend doesn’t need to be aimed to hit the targets.

Archers, friends, accept the word to save the world. Although you do not know what is ahead, whatever, we go with pride and the bow in hand.

Gameplay requires concentration 24/24

Archer Hunter’s gameplay is easy to understand but difficult to overcome. Most of the time, you have only to choose the right weapon (bow and arrow), and shoot, until you kill the monster. It sounds easy, but it’s hard at some points: not all enemies are killed instantly, and of course, you don’t have just one enemy at a time. There are too many monsters in a narrow space forcing you to draw the arrow quickly, thinking about how to move to dodge the monster’s skills. Hit and run is a technique that you should master.

The game has a lot of levels. Wherever we go, we will use our unique collection of bows and arrows to destroy enemies, collect loot and find treasures to increase experience points, level up, and own new skills. Must be strong enough, cool enough, and skilled enough to win against the super evil boss at the end.

Our enemies are extremely diverse. These include white skeletons pretending to be zombies, goblins with bizarre shapes, a pile of soft slime capable of drowning things, or even cruel werewolves who have lost their humanity.

But never be distracted by anything from your appearance to the way it lurks around you. All you need is just focus, really focus on identifying the target to destroy first, choose the right bow and arrow that is most effective and then raise your bow to defeat the enemy.

Like I said earlier, the enemies are in large numbers. If you are not really focused, you will not determine which opponent to attack first and how to fight to complete the level in the fastest and most effective way. Remember, archery is unlike any modern weapon you ever know. It is a process of energy consumption and has a certain delay, especially when compared to the gun.

An archer must always collect items and learn skills

On the way, remember to collect loot dropped from monsters and look for more items along the way. Don’t miss anything. Because they will help you upgrade, add weapons, have new attack skills.

But the interesting part of the game is not really here. That is, when you have many skills, you can combine several skills in one fight. If handled properly and proficient, this combination could shorten the combat time to half or much shorter.

Regarding weapons, you will be upgraded with new bows, arrows with different materials, and damage levels. You get more armor, amulets, new shoes to run faster. In terms of strength points, with the right items, you will gain one of the following stats: Strength, Recover, Mighty.

The higher these stats are, of course, the stronger you become. Especially, the upgrade of archery skills in Archer Hunter is really exciting. You will have the opportunity to become an archer master with skills: shoot multiple arrows in one bow swing, arrows have the ability to explode, you get health back after each attack…

As you probably know, this game is very similar to Archero.

MOD APK version of Archer Hunter

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You can buy items by diamonds, even if the number of diamonds is negative.

Download Archer Hunter APK & MOD for Android

You know what? Our archer is not alone in this deadly journey. When you have many accumulated points, you have the opportunity to unlock and recruit talented archers to save the world. All that excitement takes place on the simple but effective 3D graphics and sound effects that are too suitable for archery games. So, a warning from me, “don’t play, if you don’t want to be addicted”.

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