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NameAntarctica 88
PublisherEuphoria Horror Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Can play offline

Download Antarctica 88 MOD APK (Unlocked All) to experience the full story of science fiction in the game.

Introduce about Antarctica 88

After the success of Death Park, Euphoria has developed Antarctica 88 for Android devices. Once again, you will be immersed in a science fiction story with terrible monsters. When you’re trapped in frigid Antarctica, faced with dangers while weapons and food are scarce. Can you survive to return home?

The story

The first setting for Antarctica 88 takes place at a station in Antarctica – the abode of the expedition.

For the past six months, an expedition team including your father, Vladimir Efimov, has come and participated in drilling the ice. The work was going very smoothly, they discovered many precious minerals from prehistoric times. But suddenly six weeks ago, they began to lose touch. Since then, no one has any information about the expedition in Antarctica.

Determined to find and bring his father back, you join the three men of the rescue team, set foot on the South Pole to find out what happened.


Antarctica 88 is a horror game combined with survival. You are exploring in a vast open environment. Although there is no specific task, there are many puzzles that you need to solve to find the bad story that just happened.

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In the process, you need to search and collect items that the game requires. They can be a medical item, a weapon or a key to open a locked door. Try to survive and escape this scary place with your father.

At the beginning of the game, you wake up in a small cave with narrow nooks and crannies. In the process of finding your way out of the cave, you can pick up many items like guns, ammunition and grenades.

Escaping is not easy. The cave is structured with many complex nooks and crannies like a maze. The road is risky, some places require you to jump. Sometimes, the exit is very small and located high above. This requires you to interact and use nearby objects to find a way out.

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There are many open environments for you to explore. From cramped caves, abandoned houses without people to the plains engulfed in darkness. Suggested objects are often in abandoned houses. You may not understand the purpose of those objects. But you should pick it up and put it in your inventory, maybe they will come in handy.

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Many endings for the story

Antarctica 88 does not have a specific end. All actions and choices of the players influence the final ending.

Sometimes, you will never expect that the father that you always loved is a serial killer. You will have to face two difficult choices: save the person who gave birth to you or kill him to preserve the lives of the others.

Nobody wants to fall into such an awkward situation. Therefore, you need to think carefully before deciding to do something!

Find a solution to escape

The scary atmosphere is not all Antarctica 88 has. You also have a headache when trying to solve the puzzles that developers have included.

Some reviews said that the hardcode of the puzzles is the highlight in Antarctica 88. The mysterious disappearance of the previous expedition? The rescue team members also gradually lost contact? Do you dare to go deeper into this dead land to search for a solution?

Fight and survive

Stuck in a maze is still not the scariest. Every time you switch to a different path, you must be mentally prepared to face aggressive monsters.

There are a lot of weirdly shaped monsters that you often see in movies, like a big scorpion or cannibal flowers. The more severe the weather and the more hungry it becomes, the more aggressive they become. Therefore, never be subjective when experiencing Antarctica 88. Because when you exit the maze, there are still many monsters waiting outside.

Vehicles and weapons

You will not be able to survive and conquer monsters if fighting with bare hands. So, collect the weapons along the way to face the dangers.

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Besides the classic weapons series, Antarctica 88 also allows you to use vehicles such as sleds to move on ice.

Vehicles are very useful, they not only help move faster but also be great defense armor that protect you from dangers.

MOD APK version of Antarctica 88

MOD features

  • Unlocked Levels
  • Unlocked Weapons
  • Unlocked Items
  • No Ads: Play the game without ads.

Download Antarctica 88 MOD APK for Android

Join Antarctica 88, you can feel the fear through every breath and step of the main character. Download the MOD APK version of this game, try your best to survive in a dark, hidden and deathly place in Antarctica!

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