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Homeworld Mobile APK + MOD (Desbloqueadas) v1.2.0

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Nombre Homeworld Mobile
Nombre del paquete com.stratospheregames.nimbusgbx
Editor Gearbox Publishing
Características MOD Desbloqueadas
Versión 1.2.0
Tamaño 1.1 GB
Precio Gratis
APK Original Homeworld Mobile (1.1 GB)
Apkmody App
Mejor Descargador de Mods
Rápido, Seguro, 100% funcionando

Si quieres descargar la última versión de Homeworld Mobile APK, entonces debes venir a apkmody. En apkmody puedes descargar Homeworld Mobile Mod APK v1.2.0 gratis. A continuación, encontrarás una introducción detallada sobre Homeworld Mobile Mod APK v1.2.0.

Homeworld Mobile Mod APK Descarga gratuita

Homeworld Mobile Mod APK es la versión PRO de Homeworld Mobile APK. Al usar Homeworld Mobile Mod APK, puede completar fácilmente cualquier tarea y requisito en él. A menudo, necesitas gastar mucho tiempo o dinero para obtener recompensas fácilmente, pero al usar Homeworld Mobile Mod APK, a menudo logras tus objetivos en muy poco tiempo. Homeworld Mobile Mod APK es una excelente manera de eclipsar a la competencia. Ahora en apkmody puedes descargar Homeworld Mobile APK v1.2.0 gratis. Este proceso no cuesta nada y puede usarlo con confianza.

Descargar Homeworld Mobile APK con Apkmody

Si no quieres descargar la versión del APK mod de Homeworld Mobile, también puedes descargar fácilmente el APK de Homeworld Mobile en Apkmody. apkmody actualizará la versión APK de Homeworld Mobile en el menor tiempo posible. Los usuarios pueden actualizar fácilmente el APK de Homeworld Mobile sin descargar Google Play.

Homeworld Mobile APK v1.2.0 2023 Características

Embark upon a galactic journey to settle in an unexplored galaxy in this adventure that will require every bit of your wit. Build ships, acquire resources, engage enemies, and prepare for an all-out fleet battle in this Homeworld-bound odyssey.Recruit and command officers, upgrade your fleet, and experience a 3D MMO online strategy game like no other. Your skills will be put to the ultimate test as you prepare your space team for all-out explosive battles.Over a century since the original exodus and rediscovery of their Homeworld, the Hiigaran people have overcome trials and galactic foes to finally bring forth an era of peace and prosperity. The Hiigarans’ objective now is expansion beyond the Whirlpool Galaxy as they look to explore and settle an uncharted universe through the Hyperspace Gates.Command and conquer the galactic battlefield in strategic space battle gameplay. Choose one of many factions of the Space Fleet belonging to the Hiigaran Navy as you embark on missions. Explore the outer reaches of the universe in search of resources and new friends or old foes.Prepare for strategic battle in a vast, galactic world. Form alliances with fellow settlers from different factions as you chase the trail of the Progenitors. Will you search for archaic clues as a researcher of the S'jet, bring glory and prove your might as a proud member of the Soban, or find a place to call home as the outcast Kiithless?Strategic gameplay is key to victory. Command your faction and immerse yourself in dynamic, real time space battles. Take control of spaceship carriers, interceptors, and destroyers to outmaneuver opponents in a thrilling sci-fi adventure. Employ fleet battle tactics to gain the upper hand and command your space team to victory.Commander, It’s time to lead the way. Are you ready?***Homeworld Features:Dynamic 3D RTS Combat in a Sci-Fi Setting- Build ships and maneuver them in real time, galactic space battles- Select and deselect individual units to adjust formations or focus targeting- Engage missiles and lasers to bring down enemies with intuitive free reign controlsAn Epic Space Adventure Beyond Galaxies- Begin your galactic journey and explore rich lore from generations of award winning titles- Enjoy immersive voiceover in an atmospheric sci-fi trek through the legendary Homeworld universeTrue Strategy MMO Form alliances or compete against fleet commanders from all over the world with multiplayer strategy game modes and large scale initiatives.Next Gen Graphics- Experience a space adventure with exceptional clarity and attention to visual 3D detail- Immerse yourself in breathtaking graphics that elevate your online strategy gameplaySupport:Do you have any issues? Please go to http://support.gearboxsoftware.com/Privacy Policy:https://homeworldmobile.com/privacy/Terms of Service:https://homeworldmobile.com/terms/

Cómo descargar e instalar Homeworld Mobile Mod APK 1.2.0

Para descargar Homeworld Mobile MOD de Apkmody.io.

Debe habilitar la opción "Fuentes desconocidas".

1. Haga clic en el botón Descargar en la parte superior de la página para descargar el Homeworld Mobile MOD APK.

2. Guarde el archivo en la carpeta de descarga de su dispositivo.

3. Ahora haga clic en el archivo Homeworld Mobile descargado para instalarlo y espere a que se complete la instalación.

4. Una vez hecho, abra el juego y comience a jugar de inmediato.

Descarga Rápida
Usa la app Apkmody para obtener una descarga rápida
Apkmody App
Mejor Descargador de Mods
Rápido, Seguro, 100% funcionando

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