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Zoopla APK will tell you how much a house costs. Although Zoopla is only working in the UK, it is very helpful if you are looking for a home valuation application in the UK or want to see how house valuation on mobile works.

Introduce about Zoopla

The only UK real estate app capable of valuing real estate for users

Main features

Zoopla is one of the most convenient property apps in the UK. Not only will it provide all the information you need for your dream home, but it will also help you get an idea of ​​the home’s true value in the market and whether it’s worth the investment.

You are free to choose according to any criteria you need to list out a wide range of homes to suit your taste. You can choose by one or more factors. The more detailed, the more relevant the appeared list is. In the list, if there is a house you like but you don’t want to contact the owner or the real estate company in charge too soon, you can mark it to put it in the favorites list. For any house on this list, when there are any changes, it will come with a notification message for you to easily track and contact when needed.

The list of houses in Zoopla is divided into five groups

Zoopla is also known as one of the largest database real estate apps in the UK. All properties in Zoopla are divided into the following five major groups:

1. Property for sale: for owners or real estate agents wishing to buy houses across the UK. You can find a house according to any requirements: near where you live, near many schools, near public transport stations, near work offices. There are houses for sale, land for sale, or warehouses for sale.

2. Newly built houses: newly built houses are also included in a separate list for users to freely choose. This group includes a range of projects under development, large and small apartments in the status of being or are being handed over, new housing, and apartments that were built several months or half a year ago. You can quickly find a home that is right for you, with the most modern and up-to-date construction design and structure.

3. Real estate for rent: this is an indispensable part of any real estate application. You can find a wide selection of houses, land, warehouses, offices, apartments for rent in all different conditions, prices, and surroundings. Coupled with a powerful search engine, the huge amount of data in Zoopla can be enough to cover any request from a tenant user.

4. Commercial real estate: helps users find commercial real estate for sale or sublease. This group includes offices, retail space, lands for industrial factory constructions or factories, land plantation, arable land, entertainment area, hotel, inn, tourist area… All lands in all sizes for all forms of business are present in Zoopla.

5. Foreign real estate for sale: This is the area for the giants. This is a group of real estate that is being sold throughout European and American countries for users who want to expand their business scope or simply want to have an extra piece of real estate in a particular location. These properties also come with legal consulting services and legal paperwork, which is quite time-consuming and complicated if you do it yourself.

Valuing the true value of a house

The first surprise was the group of foreign properties for sale above, but that was nothing compared to the big surprise feature in Zoopla: the “House price estimator” tool.

You can see the valuation of the house you own according to Zoopla’s home price estimate. This estimate is calculated based on the land value in the area you are choosing, the market value of the property inside and outside the home, mortgages, sales history, debt history, and loan repayment progress from the bank. Just enter all the information the app requires from the beginning and click on the house price estimate feature, and you will receive a final number. You can completely use it as a basis to set the rental or sale price for the house you own.

I believe that is a feature that every homeowner and every real estate company wishes to have. As far as I know, not many apps can do it.

Download Zoopla APK for Android

The application is simple, easy to see, easy to use, and has the very unique feature of Market Valuation for homes. With the largest property database in the UK (including properties for sale in the overseas area), the app can provide you with the best services. It is almost impossible to find a real estate application as good as Zoopla.

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