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NameWorkout for Women
PublisherLeap Fitness Group
CategoryHealth & Fitness
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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For women, great shape, a good mood, and a healthy lifestyle are the most important things to maintain youth. Hey ladies! If you need a tool to help you get these three things every day, download Workout for Women!

Introduce about Workout for Women

A workout and diet instruction for the perfect body!

Getting a perfect body: the long journey is hard to come

The advice of experts for women is “Sweat for at least 7 minutes a day to conquer every bikini”.

This advice, of course, comes from scientific measurements and some stats from experts. So, never mind about its accuracy. In other words, exercising for at least 7 minutes every day will bring you many things, including physique and health.

However, doing is always more difficult than saying. I know many women who are very determined to try hard for their dream shapes. But most of them just stop at the stage of buying exercise equipment, registering for a membership, and then… give up. They have no motivation to work out except where their PT pushes them. Only a few are persistent, determined to pursue a regular training schedule each month to the end.

Not to mention, the process of dieting is another arduous experience that requires equally big determination.

In short, easier said than done.

So, it would be so great if we have a mobile application that can remind, schedule workouts, and report progress to us like a PT (even more accurate). And one of the best full-featured applications that support effective diet/training I’ve ever known is “Workout for Women”.

5 reasons to download Workout for Women to your device right away

This is a fast workout support application, helping you burn maximum fat and calories in the shortest time. There is also a training schedule for each specific need, exercises for muscle groups, a training reminder feature, and a series of demo videos corresponding to each exercise section. You can watch, practice every day. The app will automatically remind you of the time set up. Well, with this app, only very stubborn ones will turn off this notification and skip the training schedule.

The second reason is reliability. The app is one of the certified fitness apps from experts. The exercises are designed according to international standards, divided into many small parts, so they can meet the needs of women from basic to advanced. Particularly, there are full physical exercises, exercises for thighs, abs, arms, bust, waist, hip, exercises to get abs number 11, endurance exercises… As long as you want to maintain shape and improve health, Workout for Women does not lack anything.

The third reason is that it is suitable for all levels of practitioners. Anyone who has been to the gym can know that there are many different levels of exercise. There is a huge gap between those who practice for the first time and those who have practiced for half a year, or those who have practiced for several years. If the exercise is not at the right level, there will be many risks, the exercise lower than your level will not have the desired effect, the excessive exercise will cause the opposite effect on some other body parts.

An important criterion of a good exercise application like Workout for Women is to have exercises designed to match the real level of the user. When using the app, you will be interviewed. You need to answer a series of detailed questions, the app will automatically let you know what level of training you are at. Then, based on the training needs (for which parts of the body, training to gain weight or lose weight or for endurance) the app will provide a training schedule suitable for the current level. Anyone can join the Workout for Women community. No matter what level you are at, there will be a standard exercise for you.

The fourth reason is equally important. That’s the coach’s conclusion in each exercise. It comes with a comparison chart of before and after results after each periodic period. These two features will help you have more motivation to keep going in the future. If you practice and see the effect clearly, then you will be able to practice hard.

Another great tool in Workout for Women is the Weight Loss Progress Tracking section. Exercising is one thing; you also have to have a suitable and nutritious diet. Depending on the status of the measurements you enter at the beginning, the app will provide not only a workout schedule but also a weight-loss method by tightening eating and drinking properly for each person. Combine both: exercise and diet to lose weight. At the end of each period, there will be a graphical assessment showing the results of the entire weight loss process in parallel with the two activities. If done right, the results will surprise you and give you loads of motivation to continue exercising and dieting.

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It is super easy to understand, effective, and suitable for both beginners and those who have practiced for a long time. This is probably the divine exercise app that you really need. Are you ready for the journey to get your perfect body?

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