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Package Namecom.womboai.wombo
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RequiresAndroid 5.1

Currently, on TikTok, there are many interesting trends, typically the lip-syncing trend. If you have never tried this fascinating trend, you should try Wombo MOD APK.

Introduce about Wombo

Having fun with your lip-sync video

Wombo – A really funny app for Android

Wombo will help you create funny clips, in a very personal way. Exactly, it will make videos of you lip-syncing a familiar piece of a famous singer. The interesting thing here is that each clip has quite strange facial expressions, make you laugh every time see it. It can do it thanks to Deepfake technology based on AI algorithms.

What is Deepfake Technology?

Deepfake is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI), to allow users to add expressions to old photos, or turn those old photos into video clips with realistic facial movements. The original official name is Deep Nostalgia, developed by MyHeritage, Deep Nostalgia can perform actions such as nodding, winking, tilting the head, or even smiling to any face. It was then acquired and refined by a series of major mobile app makers to create funny entertainment apps. At this time the name became DeepFake. Usage and scope of use may be different, but the essence is the same.

Learn the mechanism of Deepfake’s face transformation

Deepfake has done many things that similar AI technologies have not been able to do before, including:

  • Make movements appear in the most realistic way.
  • Transform from a rare still image of being used as the original data into a naturally moving human figure.

To do this, Deepfake has overcome a major hurdle in the past: recreating an animation from a poorly detailed face image, including ‘blocking’ points that are hidden by the hand. either because of the shadows of other objects or simply because of the effect of time on the image. The algorithms in Deepfake automatically predict and create missing parts in the original image, based on deep learning from millions of current human faces.

According to the founders of this technology, they have about 100 movements for the same face in the data. When a user uploads an image, it uses an existing API, along with complex but fast algorithms, to transform landmarks, a set of points on the face of a still image, into moving points or from those landmarks to create a perfect animation.

Specifically, what will Deepfake help Wombo do for users?

Wombo is an application that creates lip-syncing video clips based on deepfake. It can turn still images you upload into videos of lip-syncing and dancing to the tune of a famous song. See your face for the first time and experience humming along to a cool, cool song like a true artist. That feeling is very enjoyable. It is the thing that contributing to creating a global trend for Wombo.

Ignore all the controversy surrounding Deepfake technology and a series of concerns that the international community has warned such as defaming others, pairing with unhealthy clips, impersonating politicians to speak miscellaneously… Then in terms of entertainment, it is clear that Deepfake like in Wombo is doing a great job in bringing laughter to users.

Of course, what we should do with lip-syncing clip creation apps like Wombo, or any Deepfake-based entertainment app is: JUST USE YOUR ORIGINAL IMAGE. Because it’s completely illegal to use other people’s images to create these funny clips without the owner’s permission. If you don’t want to get yourself into trouble or unnecessary controversy, you shouldn’t do that.

Easy to use, make lip sync videos fast, fun, but always be careful

Wombo is very easy to use. Almost the operation is just taking a face-to-face portrait of yourself, or uploading from your phone a favorite personal photo, and then starting to choose actions in Wombo. In just a few tens of seconds, Wombo’s Deepfake will complete for you a small clip in which you are humming a favorite song.

MOD APK version of Wombo

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Wombo APK & MOD for Android

Wombo’s compatibility is also quite wide. It can compatible with all head-to-head shots, but it’s still best to be the original 3D image for more realistic reproduction of movements and contours. The number of songs available in the Wombo library is not too much, but this is more than enough for a fun day with this unique and bustling clip.

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