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NamePizza Boy GBC Pro
Package Nameit.dbtecno.pizzaboypro
PublisherPizza Emulators
MOD FeaturesNo
PriceFREE $4.99
RequiresAndroid 4.4
Pizza Boy GBC Pro APK
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Pizza Boy GBC Pro for Android

Pizza Boy GBC Pro APK will help you play classic games once on old handheld game consoles, which have almost “disappeared” for many years.

Introduce about Pizza Boy GBC Pro

The GBC emulator app helps you play the old series of games!

Replaying the old games on mobile, the impossible is now completely possible

“The Game Boy Color (GBC) is a handheld video game console manufactured by Nintendo, released on October 21, 1998, in Japan, and later released in November of the same year in other markets. This is the successor to the Game Boy and the same Game Boy Series.”

Many people have attached their childhood to the handheld game console. Now it has sunk into memory, giving way to many modern new consoles, and new ways of playing games like mobile. But the memories are always there, so busy that they often want to find them back. The games of this system are very old and hard to find, especially nowadays. But sometimes you will feel a little nostalgic because, with someone, those games are a heaven of childhood memories.

Nintendo has an arcade game store where classic games are gathered. If you play Switch games, you can come here to find memories. But if you don’t play Switch but only play games on mobile, is there away? Pizza Boy GBC Pro will help you to solve this need, in the easiest, most lovely, and most accessible way.

What is Pizza Boy GBC Pro?

Pizza Boy GBC Pro is an all-in-one app that emulates an old GBC game console. Not only the screen interface, chassis themes, but also game controls and a respectable library of old games are available in this GBC emulator. With Pizza Boy GBC Pro, you’ll be able to instantly turn your smartphone into a once-loving GBC handheld game console.

And don’t just turn your phone into a game console. Pizza Boy GBC Pro also offers a huge stock of old games available on the app that you won’t find as complete anywhere else.

Summary of the main features of Pizza Boy GBC Pro

Bringing all the features of a typical GBC machine, Pizza Boy GBC Pro integrates even more new things to match a variety of smartphone hardware, while satisfying the friendliness, vividness, and originality of the theme design. Pizza Boy GBC Pro pleases all users not only with the above factors but also more in both graphics and sound when playing.

Everything is not only revived but also in a modern, vivid, and more attractive way than before. All the features of Pizza Boy GBC Pro can be summarized in the list below:

  • Pizza Boy GBC Pro has many improvements compared to the old version
  • Beautiful graphical interface, many theme options for game consoles
  • No time limit, no worry about interruption
  • Newly updated fraud management feature
  • Automatically save progress and save user corrections during application use
  • The control system and menus, sizes, and positions of buttons have been improved to be more user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Fast game loading speed, no lag, delay
  • Image rate up to 60 fps even on smartphones with old hardware
  • Less battery consumption than the old version
  • Features slow motion and fast forward so players can challenge themselves at the right level.
  • Good sound
  • Support BIOS, Game Boy Camera, MBC7 ROMS, and support gyroscope
  • Hardware keyboard support
  • Connect via Wifi or Bluetooth, even with two different ROMs

Download Pizza Boy GBC Pro APK free for Android

Pizza Boy GBC Pro is a small app but not a small one. This app can simulate the GBC game console and is a huge stock of old games in both quantity and genre. If you ever want to relive old memories with immortal games, download Pizza Boy GBC Pro to your phone.

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