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NameNova Launcher Prime
PublisherTeslaCoil Software
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
PriceFREE $4.99

Make your Android phone more interesting with the latest Nova Launcher Prime APK.

What is Nova Launcher Prime?

Nova Launcher Prime is an amazing personalization application developed by TeslaCoil Software. Now, everyone wants their phone interface to be more beautiful and diverse, so the default theme of the publisher is no longer so popular. I and many users all want to customize my theme and interface to my style.

Does changing the default theme harm the device? I am sure it is absolutely not because changing the background, the icon of the application, … does not affect the hardware. Therefore, you will no longer have to worry because your phone will be broken when changing the default theme. Currently, to meet that demand on the Android operating system, there are many publishers offering themes for users. Nova Launcher Prime is more prominent with millions of users worldwide. What special is this application that attracts so many users? Check it out below.

Features of Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime has the main purpose of changing the default theme to any theme you want through the application. Not only that, but the app also has night mode and the date automatically changes on your phone. This is quite new and makes your phone screen much more beautiful and rich.

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Change the theme simply

Not only does it stop changing the background image, but this app can also do more. You can create a group of applications sorted by category such as entertainment, web browser, video, photo,… This will make your screen more compact and easily find the application you want. You can resize application shortcuts, change fonts, zoom in and out, even shadows.

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Customize icon size

With this amazing application, you will find your screen much cleaner and more comfortable. You can also create effects when scrolling to create a smoother feel when using the device. The application also has a backup and restore feature, making it easy to install your favourite themes when buying a new phone. The speed of images and effects is also smooth, improved through each version to adapt to all phones today.

Upgraded version of Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Prime is a paid upgrade version of Nova Launcher, so it has more improvements and full features than the free version. As I said above, the default themes of the phone are outdated and you can use this application to use the theme created by passionate designers and they posted to the Google Play store. The app is constantly updated to accommodate thousands of themes posted to the store. You just need to download and apply the theme you want.

Nova Launcher Prime Setting 1024x1638

The upgraded version also has a lot of interesting features like completely removing ads during use. The application also has extremely useful utilities while you use your mobile device such as bookmark shortcuts, browsing history, … Not only that but this also has many preeminent features than a free version. Buy this app to support publishers, actively review them to improve their apps. Or the simpler way is to use our Nova Launcher Prime.

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Download Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android

Nova Launcher Prime is highly appreciated by users and it owns millions of users worldwide. Most users feel satisfied with this application. It is easy to use, compatible with most smartphone or tablet devices. The cleanup, arrange screen will be solved quickly and without any effort.

Overall, Nova Launcher Prime is a great application that can change the screen theme to your liking as well as tidy them up more neatly. It can turn the boring everyday interface into custom themes. Easily change the theme, font size, paging, icons… on the home screen.

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