Mobdro MOD APK 2.1.82 (Premium Unlocked)

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Mobdro Premium MOD APK is one of the largest online video streaming applications in the world. Download the Premium version of this app and enjoy your favorite programs with powerful add-ons.

Overview information

MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked [Details]
RequiresAndroid 4.0

Introduce about Mobdro

Today, there are many interesting TV shows, broadcast on BBC, Youtube or on your TV. However, it makes you confused and you don’t know what to choose for the evening? Mobdro was developed to solve this problem. Unlike Netflix, Youtube or any other streaming application, Mobdro has a separate way of operation. Perhaps this is the difference that makes people remember. In this article, we will find out some interesting information about this apps.

Streaming app with the most attractive programs

Yes, Mobdro is one of the biggest streaming app you will ever know. Here, you can find the best shows from popular broadcasters like ABC, The CW, CBS, TBS, Ovation, Fox USA. They are placed in the Channel catalogue, which is regularly updated with a thorough selection of content from the developer team.

Besides, the application also has a lot of other categories, including TV shows, movies, sports, music, streaming videos, animals, technology, Podcasts and more. They are really interesting, I usually choose news channels to update the changes in the world, the weather or the newly published information and laws. Live sports are also a good option because you can enjoy top football matches anywhere.

However, Mobdro works differently than most other movie and streaming apps. You cannot choose the episode or movie you want, because the videos of Mobdro are a continuous stream, just like a TV. When this show or movie ends, the next part will be played.


Mobdro is for everyone, so it has lots of languages to choose from when playing a certain video or show. As you know, the difference between people or culture is all due to communication problems. Mobdro has narrowed this gap so you can discover more interesting content worldwide.

Seen in another respect, this is the difference this app makes. By most, other streaming apps only have a default language or subtitle!

Highly customizable

Get access to the settings menu, where you can customize a lot of things. First of all, about the language. Any content that Mobdro suggests and displays depends on your location. However, you are an American but want to see content in Russia or Turkey, you need to reset the language.

Besides, the content can also be customized based on filters and sorting methods. Turn on alphabetical sorting and filter content by age to find the most suitable program.

Regarding the player, there are two issues we can address. It’s increasing the speed and quality of video when you use the hardware power of the device to handle it together with Mobdro’s server. Second, it is the resolution of the domain names via the HTTPS protocol to get the best security during transmission.

Also, about displaying, you can turn on UI Mode and Dark Mode to get a fresh look and keep your eyes from glare at night.

MOD APK version of Mobdro (Premium)

Features of Mobdro Premium

  • Unlocked Select Track feature: You can select another track in the program or the list of currently playing songs, without having to wait anymore.
  • Unlocked Set Sleep Timer feature: Thanks to this feature, you can set the playback time. After that time expires, the system will automatically stop the stream and exit the application.
  • Unlock sharing feature: You can share any Stream for your friends to enjoy. Here, you can share via social networking sites or email.
  • No Ads.
  • Unlimited downloads: Sync videos or any programs and stream to your device for an offline experience.
  • Support playing content through Chromecast.

MOD feature of APKMODY

Premium Unlocked: All MOD features have been unlocked. You can download and use it without paying anything.

Download Mobdro Premium MOD APK for Android

Mobdro does not create content. Instead, it gathers content available from many channels around the world, then aggregates and organizes them into categories so users can find the content they want quickly and easily. Moreover, the quality of resolution is still guaranteed. High transmission speed, however, it depends on the user’s internet connection. Besides, users can download any content when using the Premium version that we provide.

  • Mobdro APK (MOD Premium Unlocked) v2.1.82
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