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Package Namecom.xnview.hypocam
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Hypocam MOD APK is an application that specializes in taking black-and-white photos. With just a few simple manipulations of capture, touch, and selection, you have an unprecedented art photo to post on Instagram and Facebook.

Hypocam: Cool obsession called “Black and White”

Passion named Black & White

Life is every moment. Do you feel like me? Color photos are sometimes only of temporary value at a certain milestone and are easy to sink into the crowd when the life pace becomes too fast. However, the black-and-white pictures are everlasting with time and connecting people of each era closer together. No matter where and time you live, a black-and-white picture is always what captures the moment of your life in the most authentic, plainest and purest way.

I have not mentioned that there are also very strange phobias in the world yet. Some people are obsessed with colors, others are attracted to black and white. If you are in the second group or have the same thoughts about life and time but still struggling to find a suitable film camera for dreamlike black-and-white pictures, this divine tool is for you. And I think after you read this, you may need to download this Hypocam urgently to experience what I say.

Hypocam is a mobile app for black-and-white enthusiasts. The console and all the features on the app and the output (images) are in black and white, which brings you into a no-color world.

What are you concerning before using Hypocam?

Faced with color photographs often seen from a phone or professional camera, we usually do not worry about anything. However, when you look at life’s works in black and white, you must be like me, often wondering and pondering many things.

First, when you download Hypocam, you don’t need to wonder if you take a photo of something by phone, whether the color image of those things is suitable for use on the Hypocam’s black-and-white filter or not. Because you can take pictures directly from the camera tool on Hypocam with the resolution and image quality that is not different from any purely shooting by phone.

If you already have a color picture on your phone, it’s still easy. Just click download/ open the picture on the app and start changing the look of the picture!

No need to worry about not knowing the effects or black-and-white image specifications as on professional film cameras because Hypocam does not require you to be a professional to use it. Features such as built-in filter, image exposure control, auto contrast adjustment, real-time shadows, or back light, front light, auto light and gray balance, darkness adjustment … in Hypocam are available. And the ability of AI to work, accumulate experience now, you know, are sometimes much more mature than human manual manipulation.

If you do not like these “instant dishes”, Hypocam certainly does not forget to provide a variety of features to customize the “taste” of each person. You can adjust everything on your picture: grain, shadow, exposure, contrast … everything.

The function I love the most in Hypocam

I especially love the Image Flattening feature in Hypocam. This means that when you use this feature, the image automatically softens and no longer makes you feel harsh or stiff as the black and white patches are too bold. With landscape-like shapes or gentle expressions, style especially preferred by women, you should use this divine feature of Hypocam, lady!

In addition, Hypocam also has an advanced feature set to make black-and-white photos look “perfect” than ever, such as blurring photos as wished, creating timestamps for photos like old photos, and blurs the background of the photos to brighten the main subject. There are even a few simple vignettes that make photos become more vivid. Those advanced features cannot be ignored if you are with higher and more complicated requirements.

After the “main food” (I mean, your perfect photo) is ready, let’s set the table up right away. Use the Share button on Hypocam to post and share on social networks immediately!

My experience with Hypocam

As an independent user and also a Black & White minimalist addiction, I strongly recommend you who have the same interests should download Hypocam right away. Believe me, it is a really powerful tool and has a lot of potential in the future with a series of good and trendy directions of the manufacturer.

My Instagram is now a miniature personal exhibition full of all the purest moments of life, only in black and white, by this Hypocam.

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Wish everyone a fun minimalistic experience with the Black and White picture with Hypocam! Download the app to your Android phone here.

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