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Not confident about your physique when taking photos? Hotune MOD APK is an application that helps you have a slim body, smooth skin, remove all blemishes to help you have a sparkling photo.

Introduce about Hotune

Application that helps you become a model with one touch

A slim body that you’ve always dreamed of

Many times, on social networks you have to admire someone because they have a beautiful, slim, and flawless body. Did you know that behind the photo is a disciplined diet, hard workouts in the gym? And also, they use photo editing software, such as Hotune.

What is clearly displayed and brings the most “likes” on images in social networks, except for the background and the uniqueness of the landscape, which accounts for 80% of the person’s appearance in the photo. Face and physique are two factors that people regularly pay attention to. So, what can Hotune help you with these two factors?

Hotune supports photo editing and gives a perfect body

Of course, the truth is we are still trying hard every day to get abs. But you can use Hotune to edit your body, give you more motivation to keep exercising, or give you a satisfying photo to share on social media.

What tools do you have in this Hotune app?

  1. Features to slim any part of the body: slim waist, create curves for the back, slim arms, legs, and the whole body. It can be said that the best way to make you more beauty is to be thin, thin, and very thin. If you lose weight, I can guarantee you will look very different, in a more positive sense.
  2. On the opposite side, Hotune can also inflate any part of the body: chest, butt, hair thickness …
  3. Stretch the desired places: especially the legs and arms. Straight legs will help you transform into a model, beautiful in any background and outfit.
  4. Features to create abs: slim belly, with abs is everyone’s dream, including men and women. Application will help you create abs quickly. However, you need to do many editing steps to make the image look natural.
  5. And finally, you can apply a natural magic effect: the app will provide a variety of different gradients to contour the body. Automatically edit lighting effects and lines with AI.

Note, all the slim, enlarge features on your body that you can do in Hotune always comes with a background feature called “Background Lock”. This means that any size you do NOT distort the background. Many people have gone into this mistake when editing photo and made everyone laughs. With Hotune, there is no such thing.

Edit your face to make you look even more beautiful

To bring the face always bright and radiant to the user, Hotune has a series of powerful and effective features:

  1. Beauty: with this feature you can simply touch and drag to erase facial blemishes, reduce wrinkles, remove acne and blemishes on the face. This feature is basic, but if you know how to use it, you will see a significantly more beautiful face.
  2. Face sliming: zoom in on your photo, use hand gestures to create curves to edit and reshape your face, especially when you want to own a V-lines face.
  3. Facelift feature: this is an automatic face editing feature with the system’s AI memorization mechanism. You do not need to manually edit every detail but just press this function button, everything on your face will automatically be comprehensively edited, according to the beautiful standards that the application has “learned” from the previous users. You should try this function because it sometimes brings amazing results.
  4. And finally, a set of features to adjust depth for each point of the face. This feature includes smile enhancement, plump lips, nose lift, lip contouring, eyebrow correction, anti-baldness, teeth whitening, skin softening, pore reduction, oil shine reduction … I often use these cool little functions.

MOD APK version of Hotune

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked

Download Hotune MOD APK for Android

And finally, after you’ve finished editing your photos, perhaps you want to share them on social networks. In Hotune, you only need 1-2 touches to complete the fast and super-fast sharing process on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter … without losing the original image quality.

See, there is no need to wait for a perfect body from the gym or diet, and you do not need to be a Photoshop pro user, you can still transform yourself into a model, from your daily photos. Download Hotune MOD APK here to use now, guys!

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