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Google Duo APK is a cross-platform, cross-device communication tool on mobile. With this app, you no longer have problems when calling, texting iOS phone users, or using other devices.

Introduce about Google Duo

High-quality, cross-platform, multi-device video calling app!

The pandemic has passed, leaving many concerns and many enlightenments. One of the big things everyone has realized through so many stressful quarantines is the value of Connection. Family, relatives, friends, lovers, colleagues… all-important relationships need to be preserved and taken care of.

An app with strong connectivity, communication is what people care about. Even if you have chosen the best communication app for you, you still need a backup strong enough for unexpected situations. One of them is Google Duo.

Google Duo is a cross-platform mobile messaging and video calling application created by Google. The app has a minimalist, friendly design like the inherent style of Google, small but smart features, especially the almost absolute security, and safety, guaranteed by the name of Google.

Multi-platform, multi-device video call

You may often experience minor problems when communicating from an Android device to an iOS device, or other devices. Google Duo is an application for making smooth, seamless video calls between cross-platform and multi-device. The call is smooth and fluent, the picture is good and there are no interruptions (except for causes from the network connection).

Google Duo is designed to work well on many different platforms and devices. The operation is also simple, easy to understand, anyone can get used to it and use it quickly.

Knock Knock incoming call preview feature

When using Google Duo, you can preview incoming calls through the Knock Knock feature in the app. That means the call recipient can watch your live video while the phone is still ringing, not receiving the call. The condition to do this is that your phone number is already in the recipient’s address book.

This feature helps the recipient avoid awkward situations, deciding whether should accept a call or not.

Free group video calling up to 32 people

The group calling feature in Google Duo is also quite strong. When the line conditions are stable and strong, you can make group calls with up to 32 people at the same time with sharp image quality. This ability is very handy for connecting with the whole family or a group of close friends.

Family mode

When using this mode, you will have many more customizations. You can doodle during video calls and surprise loved ones with funny masks and effects that turn you into an astronaut, cat…

In the process of calling, talking, and confiding, you can use the app to directly record especially memorable moments by taking a picture of a video call. After taking a photo, you can automatically share it with all members present in that call. The whole family laughs together despite being apart, that is the message that Google Duo wants to send to all its user community.

Send text messages, video messages, and voice messages

A modern mobile communication tool is certainly indispensable for messaging. Google Duo also does this basic role well, even raising the level of diversity.

When using Google Duo, you can send your friends anything that makes you happy, by text, by video, by voice. Google Duo also supports the Funny Effects toolkit so you can freely add to your messages to make them more vivid before sending.

Download Google Duo APK for Android

Google Duo should be an app you install on your device to become a backup communication tool or a dedicated communication tool for relatives, family, close friends. Let’s download and use this amazing app right away!

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