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Getting rid of all the distractions outside to focus on work. It is easy said, but very difficult to do. But don’t worry. Forest MOD APK is an application that helps you to do it!

Introduce about Forest

Remove all annoying distractions to focus on work better

Why are there distractions?

Mobile phones and tablets are increasingly modern. Accessing the internet from many different sources becomes easier and faster no matter where you are. This is both beneficial and harmful. The benefits are easy to see, but there are many harms coming slowly. They penetrate deep into the subconscious and become a habit without knowing it.

Honestly, have you ever checked your email for work and at the same time, posted your Facebook status? Or have you ever seen Stories or Reels on Instagram while working? You may think “Well, it only takes a few minutes”, “I’ll be in and out right away”, or “it won’t take much time”. But those few minutes could turn into half an hour, and then an hour. In total, the amount of time you have such distractions during the day can sometimes be up to several hours. Instead of using it to sleep to regain strength, rest, and relax in the soothing music, you waste it. 

If there is a way to limit these distractions (removing all unnecessary problems from the internet and social networks) and bring you back to work, then surely you will be much more productive and healthier.

You may need a support application

Yes, it is difficult to do it alone. In the past, I used to have the habit of spending hours a day surfing Facebook, which is not a healthy habit. It was even harmful because I had to read many negative comments. But since using Forest, an application to help regain focus, that habit has decreased significantly. Up to now, there is almost no more. So, I can focus on work because there are no more miscellaneous things on the sidelines.

According to the manufacturer’s description, Forest will help increase work efficiency, increase the user’s ability to focus in a series of very subtle and profound ways.

How to use Forest

First, you will choose a period to focus on working. This process is reflected in the high number of trees you want to plant in the Forest’s virtual garden. The longer the concentration-time, the bigger and greener the plants will be.

Next is to choose the level of commitment. If you commit to 100% centralized compliance within the initially entered time period, you will not be able to close the Forest application, or switch tabs, or read newspapers, or open Facebook/ YouTube or do anything else on mobile. If any one of them is violated, all the plants you have will wither and die in an instant.

On the contrary, if strictly followed and completed the commitment within the predetermined time, all trees will appear green in the virtual Forest garden. Accompanied by many words of encouragement and praises full of love from the application.

That’s the result in the app. And surely in real life, if you focus on work throughout that whole time, you will see your work progress surprisingly quickly. Concentration makes everything work better and more seamlessly, doesn’t it?

You may not know it, but YouTube, Messages, Email, Facebook, Instagram, news channels, music channels… all produce Dopamine, a stimulating hormone to attract the user continuously, and you will spend so much time on them. For the application’s producers, of course, it is very beneficial. But for the users, it is both beneficial and harmful. The advantage is that you benefit from the availability of those apps, the harm is that you are so addicted to them, so it takes a lot of time during the day, even time for work. So, it leads to long but ineffective work.

Strengthens willpower against distractions

The timer for each turn can range from 10 minutes to 120 minutes. But I think about 45 minutes to 1 hour is ideal, equivalent to a class at school. This is also the average time a person can focus best, and after that, the mind and body can become tired.

But Forest isn’t too rigid. You can set up some exceptions, depending on the specific situation of the job. For example, while working on the computer, you can still check the customer’s email. While studying, you can look up the dictionary and view the lesson application from school. Once these exceptions are set up, even if you access other tabs/apps during the committed period, the tree will still live normally.

The higher the concentration level and the more committed hours, the more trees you have and the more bonus coins you get from the app. As shared by the founder’s representative, the image of green trees is also symbolic of planting forests and protecting the green and clean Earth. Every time a user collects 2,500 coins in the app, Forest will use their funds to plant a sapling in Africa. Those who have a human spirit, love nature and appreciate the value of good deeds will love Forest.

A good motivation

Forest has many things that give tangible and intangible motivations to users. They are ways to appreciate and motivate their spirits. Specifically, there are thousands of different types of trees in the Forest. Each time you focus, you will have the opportunity to open up a lovely new tree. When you get 500 trees, you will receive a cute cheering gift from the app. As I mentioned above, when you get more and more trees, you can help plant real trees.

In addition, you can also use the “Inspire” feature in Forest to automatically display words of great encouragement. They both remind users and subtly praise them. You can also enter a series of favorite sayings that are meaningful to you. And these sentences will also randomly appear in certain time zones during the commit.

MOD APK version of Forest

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Forest APK & MOD for Android

The app is compact, easy to use, easy to understand. It also has many good words of encouragement and specific moves to support the user’s focus. It is so nice and useful. Those who are interested can download Forest here.

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