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NameDo It Later
Package Namecom.hnib.smslater
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Do It Later MOD APK reminds me of the time when I used to use a poor phone. That phone is cheap and not as great as modern phones, but it has a very subtle function: a timer to send messages automatically. Why don’t Smartphones have it? It doesn’t matter because now we have Do It Later, a timer app to send messages. Download it first and then I’ll tell you my impressions after experiencing it for two weeks.

Introduce about Do It Later

Timer app to send messages and emails

Why did I need Do It Later?

Well, sometimes we need to send important messages at a certain time. To do it, we need a reminder or some schedules, kind of. Moreover, we may be busy at that time. And it will be even more inconvenient if the number of messages to be sent is large. What should we do? You know, it would be so great if you can set up the sending time for all messages and they will be automatically sent. A lot of time and effort can be saved, right? And amazingly, now we have the timer function to automatically send messages in Do It Later.

Just downloading this one application, you will do a lot of work, not just as described above. I have been wanting an app like this for a long time. Basically because of my forgetfulness. Sometimes I forget to reply to my friend’s invitation because of a meeting so they have to wait for me for too long. Sometimes I even forget to say “Happy birthday” to my loved ones because of being too busy again. And more situations are even worse. You know, it was such a bad experience…

Of course, there are several apps to download and use. But honestly, only Do It Later can help me well. Set the timer, and the app will automatically send messages and emails for me, create a reminder, or even post status on Facebook and Twitter.

First impressions of the interface and usage

I have tried many timer apps on Google Play, but they are not very comprehensive. I mean. If you set a timer to send a message, you can’t schedule an email; and if you set a timer for Facebook posts, you can’t set a Reminder, etc. Quite inconvenient. Should we download many apps for all those needs at the same time? No, of course. I’m sure after you try Do It Later, you may feel like meeting the lover of your dreams. Very satisfied!

Do It Later is very light, only about 10-12MB or so. But compared to the set of really useful features that it brings; it is quite impressive.

The first impression is definitely the first thing that catches the eye: the interface. Every detail (the text, the colors, the layout that arranges everything) in Do It Later is designed in a minimalist style, with only a few short words in neat fonts and colors. The two main colors are black and white. I like it.

Next, carefully examine the functions and how to use them. On first use, you will see three main status buttons for Content (Pending, Completing, and Cancelled). To create content, click the (+) sign below this status bar. Content will be one of the 5 main features of Do It Later, including: Sending Messages, Sending Emails, Creating Reminders, Posting Facebook Status, and Tweeting on Twitter. For each of these contents, Do It Later will require a corresponding login and access method. For example, if you want to schedule an email to send, you need to access the email address you want to use; and if you want to schedule a message, you must grant access to the phone book.

After completing these initial access steps, you can use the app right away. To set a timer, Do It Later will provide a calendar in the form of Day, Year, Hour, and Minute and a clock so you can freely set it up to your liking.

In addition, for the convenience of careful users, Do It Later has more detailed customization in the Settings section, such as notification when completed, alarm sound selection, changing date and time format. Particularly in the Advanced Settings section, you can intervene more deeply, such as Backup, Restore, Stop all or Delete all existing content in the application.

Seamless extra useful features 

A few other features that you may need:

  • Allows to choose recipients from phone book or even to an unknown number to send messages.
  • Unlimited number of recipients.
  • Has speech support for text. This means you provide your voice, and the app will recognize it and convert it to text. It is so helpful when you are busy and cannot type.
  • Supports creating groups.
  • Provides many templates available for you to choose from without having to compose the same message repeatedly. This comes in handy when replying to emails or sending congratulatory messages. In some cases, if you need to compose a standard mess, it is necessary.
  • In the section Create new content, there is also the feature to count the number of characters typed.
  • Provides the feature of Repeat texting on a fixed schedule: you can set a timer for any time of the day, a certain day of the week, of the month, of the year. You can set the time in the future to stop repeating. Very convenient, especially for remembering important anniversaries.
  • Has a special feature “Ask before send”. The App will send a notification asking you again, confirm whether to send or not before sending. It is so helpful. I like this function so much.

MOD APK version of Do It Later

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Do It Later APK & MOD for Android

It is such a great application for people who are too busy and want to use technology to schedule everything in advance and be more proactive in their work. I tried Do It Later for 2 weeks. And so far, I am completely satisfied with its 5 features that are very clear and effective. I highly recommend you use it.

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