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B612 APK helps you edit images and videos with many completely free functions and tools. Especially, it allows you to create your own filters and get high-quality images without watermarks.

Introduce about B612

The image and video editing application that allows you to create your exclusive filters!

About the need to edit images and videos

In the past, when there were no social networks and online chat applications, the need to edit photos and videos was not much. People only edited them when they wanted to make photo albums, personal music videos, or for similar purposes.

But the advent of the virtual world with various forms of social networks has added to real-life a new world, in which, if desired, anyone can live a different life.

If you want to have an attractive and impressive social network account, perhaps investing in images and videos is what you need to focus on the most. Now let’s look at a specialized, powerful, instant, and high-quality video and image editing tool like B612. Let’s find out the outstanding advantages of this application.

The unique of B612: create your own filter

B612 has a more special feature than other image and video editing applications. It allows users to create their Filters. From the built-in basic filters, you can mix and match them, adjust their levels, and combine many of the effects available to create an exclusive new filter that’s unique to you.

Creating a filter in B612 is very simple. Even if you do it for the first time, you can quickly complete it with just a few taps.

B612 also allows you to visit, admire and refer to the diverse and creative filters of the user community. Maybe there are some cool ideas for you.

Smarter camera with B612

The B612 also has a wide range of filters available. Thanks to them, you can quickly turn your photos, and videos into works of art instantly and easily.

B612 also supports a smarter camera with daily updated AR effects (from classic to modern styles) and exclusive fashion effects for each time of the year.

In addition, there are advanced color editing tools that help you edit accurate colors with tools such as color curves, split tones, and HSL that bring out details. You can unleash the artistic sky in B612.

Smart beautification for every photo

B612 can help you beautify each line of your face in the photo to make it more sparkling and sharper through the following features:

  • AR Makeup: there are many detailed tools (beauty effects, body retouching, and hairstyling…) so you can beautify every detail of your face. What these AR beautification tools have in common is the beauty that is natural, light yet captivating, and sharp enough.
  • Take clear photos anytime, anywhere with high-resolution mode and night mode.

Export high-quality files in many formats

Once you have created the desired image/video product, you can quickly use the Export file feature in B612 to output high-quality files. The app’s ability to export image and video files is quite diverse with many forms and options such as:

  • Capture exciting moments with the Gif Bounce feature, export files as gif images, and share with friends for your vivid memories.
  • Borders and Crop: help add borders, trim, and adjust to the right size and ratio before posting the products on social networks.

Edit videos quickly and effectively

In addition to photos/images, you can also make and edit videos efficiently in B612 with the smart camera. You make it then edit it in post-production with over 500 preset tracks, custom sounds, transitions, and color effects available. It helps you turn your video into lively and impressive video work.

Download B612 APK for Android

With the app, you can do many things, create your filters, edit images and videos with a series of smart effects available and regularly updated weekly. You indeed have a lot of utilities for creating impressive photos and videos for your social media accounts. 

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