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Dokific APK v1.0.51

Cập nhật lần cuối


Tên Dokific
Tên Gói com.netease.a13na.tw
Tính Năng MOD
Phiên Bản 1.0.51
Kích Thước 100.12 MB

Nếu bạn muốn tải phiên bảnDokific APK mới nhất thì bạn phải đến với apkmody. Tại apkmody, bạn có thể tải xuốngDokific Mod APK v1.0.51 miễn phí. Tiếp theo là phần giới thiệu chi tiết vềDokific Mod APK v1.0.51.

Dokific Mod APK Tải xuống miễn phí

Dokific Mod APK là phiên bản PRO củaDokific APK. Bằng cách sử dụng APKDokific Mod, bạn có thể dễ dàng hoàn thành bất kỳ nhiệm vụ và yêu cầu nào trong đó. Thường thì bạn cần phải dành nhiều thời gian hoặc tiền bạc để dễ dàng nhận được phần thưởng, nhưng bằng cách sử dụngDokific Mod APK, bạn thường đạt được mục tiêu của mình trong thời gian rất ngắn. Dokific Mod APK là một cách tuyệt vời để bạn vượt qua đối thủ của mình. Giờ đây, trong apkmody, bạn có thể tải xuống Dokific APK v1.0.51 miễn phí. Quá trình này không tốn bất cứ chi phí nào và bạn có thể tự tin sử dụng nó.

Dokific Tải xuống APK với Apkmody

Nếu bạn không muốn tải xuống phiên bản APKDokific mod, bạn cũng có thể dễ dàng tải xuống APK Dokific trong Apkmody. apkmody sẽ cập nhật phiên bản Dokific APK trong thời gian nhanh nhất. Người dùng có thể dễ dàng cập nhật Dokific APK mà không cần tải xuống Google Play.

Dokific APK v1.0.51 2022 Tính năng

Hundreds of interactive game works, different from reading traditional novels and comics, experience the immersive plot with multiple branches, multiple endings and high degree of freedom in the exquisite style, bringing you a brand new interactive game experience. Multi-themed interactive games such as palace fighting, palace, ancient style, love, inverse harem, cultivation, immortals, fantasy, romance, stars, suspense, reasoning, men and women, tanmei BL, lily, LGBT, dress-up, otome games are free to download and have everything you need , open and play!On Dokific, you can not only play a wealth of excellent original interactive game works online, but also use the editor and material library provided by Dokific to easily create your own exclusive interactive game!【Platform Features】►Abundant content, anytime you want to play◀A large number of original works, diverse themes, palace fighting, ancient fantasy, urban romance, modern stars, suspenseful reasoning, LGBT and other multi-themed interactive games are fun to play.Open Dokific and start the heart-pounding experience at any time.►Interactive experience, this time you are the protagonist◀A variety of interactive game experiences and a large number of branch lines are waiting for you to explore, allowing you to deeply feel the development of the plot.Every choice you make directly affects the direction of the plot, and you are no longer an outsider!►Exquisite painting style, all kinds of lovers follow your guide◀Various styles of exquisite vertical paintings/illustrations, high-definition backgrounds, meet all kinds of high-value protagonists, and create your exclusive romance!►Easy creation, personally create your own ideal love◀Through the Dokifi editor, you can easily create with zero code basis. Come and complete your own interactive game work step by step!【Popular recommendation】"Deep Palace Song"Recommended by millions of youtuber, super ramming palace fighting game on the whole network!Immersive experience the harem intrigue, customize your identity image, choose the type of emperor you like, and embark on a counter-attack journey from a beautiful girl to a queen step by step."Teacher's Way"You, who was picked up by the sect master to become the little junior sister of the sect, fell in love while practicing martial arts, and started the road to the reverse harem. Gao Leng Sect Master, Gentle Senior Brother, Black Belly Junior Brother, how do you choose as a Yan control? Of course all!"I'm an Empress in the Underworld"Be in charge of the underworld, be the queen, collect beautiful men from the three realms, watch the great emperor Fengdu, black and white impermanence compete for you and be jealous of you~ Cultivate subordinates, manage and cultivate, and create the strongest underworld heaven group!"Long Xian Road"In the high-free world of self-cultivation, you can ascend to certify the Dao and take charge of a teaching; you can also be a free-spirited fairy and attract beautiful men; you can also become a villain in the Three Realms and do whatever you want! Come and compose your immortal legend!"The Empress Tortured Me Thousands of Times"Want to take control? Want to be loved by the people? Or just want to live in peace with the person you love? This time, you are no longer in the hands of the emperor, but open the way of your own queen at will!"Girl Heroism"Experience the ever-changing life in the new world! Hundreds of occupations are waiting for you to experience, you can become a star, a president, even a president, an Olympic champion... A large number of random plots ensure that every experience is different, is it to be a salted fish lying flat, or to work hard and shine in the world?"Can't be sloppy"You were an ordinary, unremarkable male student who started the NTR journey due to the appearance of the mysterious alien Niu Niu. Shame is MAX! Use your gorgeous skills to destroy all the guys who have bullied you!【2022 Dokific First Creation Contest】The total bonus of 400,000 yuan is waiting for you, and you will get virtual treasure rewards for participating in the competition. You can get 3,000 MyCard points for making 20,000 words. The official tutor will guide you throughout the process to help you realize your game dream!【Dokific Sharing Official Event】Share game videos on social media and get daily virtual treasures and MyCard points to share! Start creating now!【Follow us】Official website: https://tw.dokific.com/homeOfficial fan group: https://www.facebook.com/Dokific/Discord official discussion group: https://discord.gg/7aheqZWzCQLine creator exchange group: https://line.me/R/ti/g/BRsfQHV-WhCustomer service report area: [email protected]

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