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macOS High Sierra is opening a new era for Macs

As an extremely fond of working and entertaining with a Mac computer, I have to admit that the Mac is incredibly stable, fast and simple. The secret lies in the way that Apple optimizes its macOS operating system: always improving, applying the latest technology, most convenient for users. They are also very keen on patches and feature updates, there are two featured versions of the improved: macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra.

On the night of 25/9/2017, Apple has launched the MacOS 10.13 High Sierra official. This is an important upgrade on Apple\’s core system that makes macOS more secure, more responsive, especially the background of future updates. In addition, macOS High Sierra is also a major update on the features of the application.

Get a boost with new technologies

MacOS High Sierra this time introduced a new core technology that can help Mac computers achieve better performance. That\’s how reorganizing the way data is stored, improving video output, improving graphics processing power.

Apple File System: Your data is under new management

Copy files do not increase disk size? With Apple\’s new Mac File System (APFS), you can do this. For computers, data is the most important, and Apple has changed the old HFS file system with its new file management system, APFS works with 64-bit SSD memory, higher data security and faster response rates. Your data is safe even when your computer is bumped, backing up data easily even when you are on the go.

HEVC: Better video compression


The 4k video has become increasingly popular in this era, so storage requires a larger capacity. According to Apple, HDCV (High Definition Coding Video or H.265) can compress video more than H.264 (current standard) up to 40%. With the use of HEVC, you\’ll have better video streams, taking up less memory, but keeping the same quality with H264.

Metal 2: Unleash the power of graphics

metal 2

Graphics processors (GPUs) affect graphics-related experiences such as filmmaking, gaming …The GPU is becoming more powerful, and Apple has also upgraded its Metal 2 technology to make it more capable of unleashing the full power of the GPU. Metal 2 also supports features such as machine learning and virtual reality and supports external GPUs for professional and games. Metal 2 will bring you the power to be creative.

Virtual reality for Mac

vr macos

Mac was able to support virtual reality. The HTC Vive virtual reality glasses is the first in the MacOS High Siera compatibility list at the moment. If using a Mac Pro or iMac, this is very simple, but to use the VR on the MacBook, in addition to the need for glasses, you can need an external graphics cards.

Your favorite apps and features get a boost, too

The everyday applications you often use now have improved to better with AI technology, navigate, organize or edit photos with new features in Photos, or experience a smart Safari, a fast Mail…

Photos: More ways to edit. More ways to organize.

Photos are one of the most used applications on a Mac because everyone loves to work with their photos. So the MacOS High Sierra is more focused on providing new tools that make editing, organizing, and more enjoyable.

Before, Photos only provide some simple editing features, and if you want more depth, you\’ll have to use third-party applications like Photoshop. But in the improvement of the MacOS High Sierra, the photo editing section of the Photos will have two new functions, Curves to adjust the color and contrast, and Selective Color, to adjust the saturation. What\’s more, Apple also added a new type of filter.

Safari: 80% Faster


This is an important improvement. The javascript handler is tuned for faster processing, delivering up to 80% faster than the Chrome browser. In addition, Safari will block all autoplay videos automatically, prevent users from watching unwanted videos and save bandwidth.

Reader: The Reader feature in Safari will always stay enabled, allowing you to view the main content of a non-promotional, non-navigable, and unnecessary blocks.

AI technology: Block the tracking tools of websites.

Mail: Faster search


The new Mail app’s search feature is faster and easier to use. With Top Hits, Mail will place your search-related messages at the top of the list.

Another apps

Note: Can insert the table, pinned notes on top.

Siri: Smarter, can learn how users listen to music and give out songs related to user preferences. Siri also has more voice.

FaceTime: Has more features that allow screenshots.

iCloud: You can share the iCloud package with your family, or share files directly.

Upgrade to macOS High Sierra

To upgrade to the MacOS High Sierra, you need to do the following:

  • Backup the data with Time Machine, to get the error can return to the old
  • Empty trash and optimize unnecessary data, because Mac will need a few gigabytes of space to download the installer.
  • Charge the battery fully

Now, you can upgrade your OS to MacOS High Sierra by download from Mac Appstore and install.

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