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Fortnite will not be available on Google Play, you will still be able to download APK

According to official information from Epic Games, the Android version of Fortnite Mobile will be introduced and officially opened on the launch date of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – On 9/8/2018. But the information is frustrating cause players have to worry.

Epic Games has created an extremely successful game in all aspects, proving undisputed that the unbelievable revenue of the iOS version after a long time appear on the iPhone, iPad. The company also revealed that the upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale’s Android version is coming to gamers around the world.

Within the first 30 days, this game will be released exclusively on Galaxy Apps of Samsung Note 9, and soon thereafter, it will be released to players on all supported devices. And it is likely that after the exclusive release, Fortnite will only be released via the APK file on its official website, that is not available on the Google Play app store. The reason is that the company does not want to give Google 30% of its revenue from In-App packages.

Based on an image in the game’s source code on the Epic Games official website, the site requested and directed the player to a page that allowed them to download the Fortnite APK file. This makes some players are not satisfied because they can not easily find and install games from Google Play as easy as before.

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But for those who love this game really, this is not compromising their fun on the game.

Currently, you can read more information and download Fortnite for Android here.

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