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New release of Fortnite makes the new record for Internet Traffic

If you just say that Fortnite is a game that is hunted and cared for by so many players around the world, then you probably will not be able to imagine the level of influence it. So, use numbers to visualize.

Do you remember the 2016 US presidential election? This is the election that has created a record of 7.5 Tbps Internet traffic on the Akamai platform. This is equivalent to 960 GB of data transmitted per second.

Just recently, this record was broken by … Fortnite, when Epic Games released its fifth update of the game, an extremely interesting and noteworthy update for all game players, are participating in this game. Specifically, this update reached 37 Tbps, five times the previous record bandwidth.

“This level of traffic is as large as 2.8 million downloads per minute.” – a number reported by Nelson Rodriguez of Akamai in a post on his personal blog.

Fortnite is not only a video game but also a real Internet phenomenon when it was searched more than PUBG, Bitcoin and many other keywords on search engines.

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Fortnite is extremely successful when it comes to net sales.

Epic Games also said that the creators of the game had spent up to $ 100 million on an esports tournament for the game, which made more players try. And finally, the official announcement from Epic, that Fortnite Mobile APK will soon be available on Android OS, right this summer.

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