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NameYoshi’ New Island
ConsoleNintendo 3DS

Yoshi’ New Island is the sequel to Yoshi’ Island but with a smooth 2D visual style, not a watercolor drawing, following the traditional platformer gameplay like in the previous Mario series. In the game, you play as the Yoshis tribe whose mission is to take Mario to find baby brother Lugi and reunite with their parents.

Introduce about Yoshi’ New Island

Baby Mario! Stop crying! Let Yoshi take you to find your brother and return to your parents!

Who is Yoshi?

Yoshi is a very popular character in the Mario world (only after Mario, Luigi and Toad) and is the most favorite supporting character of all time. Yoshi is originally a cute round blue dinosaur and is Mario’s companion.

Yoshi can swallow enemies with his long tongue and make a pleasant noise when attacking. After swallowing the prey, Yoshi can spit it out if he just wants to attack it or turn the prey into a spotted egg when he wants to disable the enemy for a while. This egg can be thrown at distant targets to collect items.

Another ability is Flutter Jump where he quickly claps his arms and legs to slow down his jump and Ground Pound to increase his height in mid-air.

Yoshi can also create a shield to block the enemy’s attacks as a “large egg” surrounding him, and he can also move quickly by rolling as well.

Yoshi is a species that comes in many varieties with different colors. Each color corresponds to an additional attack or moving ability. For example, Yoshi in the orange form has fiery breath; in the white form, it has wings; “Dash Pepper” is the red form for super-speed; “Blimp Fruit” is the blue form that allows Yoshi to float on water; and “Bulb Berry” is the yellow from indicating hidden activity… The color can be changed temporarily by eating certain fruits or flowers while Yoshi’s default color is still bright green.

Now let’s talk a bit about Yoshi’s voice. In addition to the slightly clunky but cute and very characteristic noise when attacking or collecting items, Yoshi also set a record as the loudest species in Mario’s world. In short, this is an interesting character, who both enriches the Mario universe and has its attractive game versions that you may try once.

The story of the original is ingeniously reconstructed in Yoshi’ New Island

The game opens up the context where the “little stork” who is responsible for bringing Baby Mario and Baby Luigi home, along the way was trapped by the evil Kamek the Magi-koopa and was robbed of Baby Luigi. And Baby Mario crashed somewhere on a strange island. Baby Mario was welcomed and cared for by the Yoshis dinosaur tribe. After finding out the situation, the whole tribe understood what was going on and began to assign each other to take Baby Mario to find Baby Luigi and then bring them back to their parents safely. In this game, you will control this tribe of Yoshis, carry Baby Mario on your back, and do missions.

Along the way, the common enemy of all children: Baby Bowser appeared with his hated mentor, Kamek the Magi-koopa. They wanted to capture Baby Mario to serve their dark intrigues. The fighting adventure began from here. This can be considered an interesting sequel to the previous version of Yoshi’ Island. So, when you play, you will feel like everything is new but still keep the feeling of continuity with the whole story of Yoshi.

Yoshi’ New Island in general retains the classic gameplay of Yoshi’ Island, but there are a few tweaks

First, the cute crayon drawings have been completely replaced with high-quality 3D images (compared to the same genres at those times). Some people still regret the simplicity of the original hand-drawn series, but undeniably the 3D design of the characters and the whole scene has created a completely different vibrancy for Yoshi’ New Island, helping the game to get into the hearts of the masses.

Next are a few upgrades in Yoshi’s ability, which are small but enough to bring a lot of excitement to the player. In particular, you can swallow enemies, create giant eggs and use eggs to smash through walls or get items in hidden corners. You can also transform into different vehicles in the extra levels to get points at lightning speed.

In Yoshi’ New Island, you will control many different Yoshies to prevent Mario from getting hurt. That’s the general rule. The gameplay is also considered close to the original. You will play as a Yoshi with a different color in each level, and always have to carry Baby Mario by his side. On the way, every time you encounter an obstacle or an enemy, you will have to dodge skillfully and even attack against them to open the bloodline. But the irony is that every time Yoshi is hit, he will be stunned for a few seconds and let go of Baby Mario’s hand. Baby Mario will just float around with a countdown timer. In that split second, if you don’t carry Baby Mario in time, the baby will be taken away by Magi-koopa.

What can you do as Yoshi? You can run, jump like Mario in previous platformers, can land on the ground to find items, step on the head of enemies to destroy them, can aim to lock the target and use the long tongue to get the right item from afar, … and a series of skills like I mentioned above.

There are many collectibles

At each level, our Yoshi will need to collect at least 20 gold coins and 5 flowers. At first, these things are exposed, just aim and collect them. But later on, they hide more often and are sometimes located in extremely “precious” positions, and you have to think much to get them out (for example, you have to swallow a big enemy to turn it into an egg and then break the wall with an egg to get flowers). You can also accumulate more gold and flowers for yourself in minigames between scenes. The latter, the level of complexity of the enemy becomes higher. They are everywhere around each rare item. So, getting all of them is quite difficult.

In addition, you can also eat the yellow star, green and red square mushroom … to accumulate more points and have more defensive weapons for Yoshi.

And all items only have effects on Yoshi, not on Baby Mario lying on the back of the green dinosaur.

Download Yoshi’ New Island 3DS & CIA for free

Yoshi is a lovable character, isn’t he? Yoshi’ New Island is a vivid world that is very close to the classic Mario we have known before. Ignoring the controversy about whether it’s better than the watercolor style of the previous version, I believe that if you only evaluate Yoshi’ New Island separately and appreciate what’s unique and novel in it, this game is worth playing.

But I must say first that it’s very, very difficult, even more than Mario games. To experience how difficult it is, let’s download the game at this link to try it out!

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