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NameWarioWare Twisted
ConsoleBoy Advance

WarioWare Twisted is the childhood game of many people. It’s hard to find a game that contains so many things in one like this.

Introduce about WarioWare Twisted

Rotate your hands, twist your brain, enjoy the game for your mind to extremely relax!

The concept of microgames in WarioWare Twisted will make you unstoppably surprised

You might already hear of mobile minigames where each level takes only a few minutes. But have you ever heard of the concept of microgames? If not, then you must immediately learn about this classic retro game of all time, WarioWare Twisted.

WarioWare Twisted is made based on the idea of ​​​​the gyroscope sensor feature on the GBA. To evaluate the level of strangeness of WarioWare Twisted, it can only be said to be on top of the top. In WarioWare Twisted, you will be able to play all kinds of things, do all kinds of games, and put everything in front of you. No matter what type of game it is drawing, your task is the same: complete the assigned task as quickly as possible in a matter of seconds. There is nothing complicated, but precisely because it is not complicated, this game is extremely entertaining and has succeeded beyond the imagination of even the person who directly made it.

Each microgame in WarioWare Twisted takes only 3-10 seconds to complete. And of course, with this precious time, we can’t do things that are too sublime. Sometimes all you need is to break a flowerpot, put a ball in a hole, run around a table until the mouse gets dizzy, … But the deadly truth is that when humanity is too tired with all the pressures from life, the search for games with no content and nothing complex will be more and more. That is the explanation that I think is the most reasonable for the wave of playing WarioWare Twisted many years ago (and also today).

I’ve never seen so many games in the game like this, the character is just an excuse

The game levels are already rich, but even the characters in the game are numerous. What you see at the first intro screen, a big-armed Wario character playing the game all day is just an excuse to lead you to a series of situations and events and other attractive supporting characters. You will have more than 200 microgames with dozens of cute characters as the background. Of course, sometimes they are just small things for fun and don’t fit the game’s requirements much, but they will surely make the game more fun.

The gameplay of all microgames in WarioWare Twisted is as cute as the games themselves, which is even more suitable for the mobile platform. You just need to rotate, tilt back and forth your mobile screen to control the movements until you reach the goal, and you’re done. There’s almost no need to touch the screen too much (except when you need to choose a scene or see some dialogue between characters). Think about it, in the 90s, the game maker came up with a way to play games by turning the Game Boy left and right to control, which shows their super-great mind. They had advanced a few decades ahead of their time.

In theory, the idea of the gameplay of this game is already a miracle. So, needless to say, you may already imagine the monstrous but extremely addictive level of each microgame here. That is the reason why people now can sit around and play it all day.

Graphics and sound

Let me talk about another extremely perfect aspect of this game: Graphics. As for the visual, it can be said that the graphic style is style without style. Everything is not quite a masterpiece of art, nor is it a unified school from A to Z like we often see in every game. It doesn’t follow any system. The theme is no theme, principle is no principle. Everything seems to be done in improvisation However, if you look closely, all the details are meant to be, and each microgame has a small connection to the next microgame. That improvisation is the universal key to creating an extremely pleasant and exciting feeling in the player.

The sound effects and music are also pretty good. The music increases in pitch and speed in the later levels, making the fun more and more interesting, exciting, and addictive.

Download WarioWare Twisted GBA ROM for free

Well, in short, if you want to play retro games without thinking too much about what character you are playing, a game for you to do whatever you want including discovering 1001 types of games in the world, you just come here.

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