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NameTomodachi Life
ConsoleNintendo 3DS

Tomodachi Life is a strange simulation game for Nintendo 3DS. In the game, you will live a different life with many colorful, ups and downs.

Introduce about Tomodachi Life

Are you ready to live a new life the way you want?

The extremely attractive simulation game from the 90s is still widely circulated today

Have you ever dreamed of having a second life, to try and do all the crazy things in this joyful life? Even things that you can only do in your dreams like walking on the beach with Christina Aguilera, singing on the street with a famous Indie band.

Tomodachi Life

The game appears on an island where you do everything for your new life. Let’s give the island a friendly and inspiring name. Next, you will choose your character. Each character has a unique identity, the most attractive of them is the extremely cute voiceover with lines making you feel the cuteness of each baby without understanding. Well, you can have many options for the main character’s voice. This stage is the first thing that creates excitement for the whole game later, so the more you take care of it, the more you like it later.

By playing the game, you will live an interesting life full of secret surprises

This game is like the life simulation games you see on mobile now. But its big difference is that you may not know what’s waiting for you ahead. As the saying goes, “Life is a series of surprises”. This game is not a simulation where you play continuously in a constant way for hours on end, but a game that makes you ponder and study bit by bit in exchange for feelings and experiences you have never gotten before in life.

The addictive substance in the Game is a smooth combination of realistic simulation, humor, and strangely realistic. The character Mii that you are embodying is not passive but acts a lot like it has a life of its own. Mii has very normal daily needs of eating, sleeping, entertaining, studying, and working. You will help Miiii make the choices in the above needs and give her more practical advice for relationships: whether to be friends with this person, what to do next to make the friendship stronger… When you don’t choose, Mii won’t do anything, and everything around will also standstill. Therefore, you need to constantly think, ponder and make decisions to help your character really integrate into real life, to discover herself and the people around her.

Humanity and loving message in Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life is also loved all over the world because of its delicate romantic humanity. Sometimes, a kind gesture that you just decided for Mii to do will bring cute gifts that you yourself may not expect. It is the fragrance of good deeds like real life. There may be situations where you will resolve your argument by giving the other a sweet cake (but whether you can be forgiven or not is unknown, and these situations are “unpredictable” in the game as I mentioned earlier).

Sometimes you can relive the most childish corner of your soul when you can splash water all over the big bathroom, play all day with the kids in the neighborhood… For all the things that you haven’t done in life, let Mii do it for you!

The declaration of independence, personality, and human values ​​brought through each lovely little activity of Mii in 3DS Tomodachi Life do bring the game a terrible spread, even though it’s so classic. From adults to children, they love and play games in the politest and most civilizing manner. Whoever has played this game will be really immersed in every little corner of it, and always feels an inexplicable connection with their character. This is something that many modern games today have not been able to do.

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At the same time, 3DS Tomodachi Life is also a rich land for all kinds of entertainment and art. Mii can go out to play games with friends, dance wildly with a certain street dance group on background music chosen according to your own preferences. Or Mii can have quiet moments with the melodious melody of her singer she idolizes for a long time… Mii can also draw, go to concerts, watch movies, go rollerblading and do all kinds of crazy entertainment that you must be so rich to do in real life. 

Tomodachi Life also contains a lesson about family love. Mii also has a family full of people to love. Most of the cute funny situations come from these family members. The never-ending quarrels over toys with the younger brother, the morning cuddles with her mother, the memorable summer with the grandparents… These are at least a soothing remedy for every hurtful soul and with someone, these are some memorable things of childhood you will never forget.

Graphics and sounds can touch every heart

The graphics in Tomodachi Life are extremely cute. “Lovely, naughty, pure, colorful, charismatic, funny”, using any of these fine words to talk about drawing and shaping in Tomodachi Life is also correct. Even though the game was released on Game Boy consoles in the 90s, it retains its value and always has its own large fan base until now.

Another reason for you to live Mii’s life on this fun island is the musical experience the game brings. It is exciting, witty, quiet with many strange rhythms. It also has a suitable change with each situation and object appearing in the scene. I’m sure many simulation games these days can’t even do it.

Download Tomodachi Life 3DS ROM & CIA for free

In short, if you are looking for a game with new activities and experiences every second, both real and dreamy, Tomodachi Life is here for you. No doubt!

So, are you ready to live a new life of your own? Download Tomodachi Life to play right here!

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