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NameTales of Phantasia
PublisherNamco Tales
ConsoleBoy Advance

Tales of Phantasia, the classic 16-bit role-playing game of the 1990s. In the game, you play as the swordsman Cress Albane who is trying to change the flow of time, returning to the past to change the tragic and unexpected present that is happening in front of your eyes.

Tales of Phantasia: Are you willing to trade the past to change the present?

The chameleon of the classic GBA game world

There’s a lot to be said if you sit down and analyze what genre this game is in: Strategy Role-playing, Linear Combat, or Real-Time Combat, or Scenic Adventure… It’s hard to determine because everything has a little bit in Tales of Phantasia.

Role-playing combat is considered the main background, but the surrounding fringes such as Linear Combat, Real-time, or Scene Adventure have different importance depending on the scene, sometimes even higher than the inherent RPG form. But thanks to that, Tales of Phantasia has its own irresistible attraction.

The strange story promises to open up many thrilling points

Tales of Phantasia is the story of Cress, a young swordsman who is somewhat arrogant. One day when he was hunting with his best friend, an unusual event happened to his family and village. When Cress returned home, everything had disappeared without a trace, as no one had ever existed in his life.

Cress frantically searched in panic. Then he realized his life had changed forever. He will have to go on a journey to find the truth, reverse the mistakes of the past and defeat the dark plots behind him to change this tragic present.

Cress’s journey is not alone. Cress will have friends, learn magic together, forge weapons and stand side by side in the terrible war to come.

Combat and purposeful focus elements in Tales of Phantasia

Oh, mentioning companions, you must have immediately had a question in your mind: can they help or are useless like in Badland?

Rest assured! In Tales of Phantasia, instead of allocating resources or talents to the main character and companions, you just need to focus on Cress and only Cress, no need to think about your friends. That is, you can perform many different attacks by combining the simulated function buttons. Our character Cress fights while accumulating skills and learning more techniques through rounds. In particular, you can chain together the special moves you already have to combine into a “heavy total attack” move to defeat some of the evilest bosses in the game. Meanwhile, the companion characters will automatically be controlled by the system to support you to the best with magic or other combat abilities.

The game emphasizes the character’s flexibility, proactiveness, and linearity. It roughly means that you just need to navigate the character to the enemy and the swordsman himself will know what to use to attack quickly, you don’t need to open or select anything in the game menu. And also, you are free to go to the Monster Dictionary to look up what the weak points and strengths of each monster are. Well, of course, it’s not easy to reap the rewards, you have to fight well in the first part, then accumulate points, improve yourself first, then automatically the game will give some useful items to crack this Divine Dictionary.

Tales of Phantasia’s length and delicate graphics

In your journey to find the truth and get everything out of the scary future, you will have the opportunity to obtain various items and materials. Although it is only an old 16-bit game, each of these small and beautiful items has a distinctive shape and eye-catching colors that are very vivid. The most typical example is Cress’s range of weapons from swords to heavy sabers, maces, spears… Each item is small but has an attractive and eye-catching shape.

The entire game including the journeys, dialogues, visits to the villages, and of course the fierce battles, can take more than 20 hours. Considered a quite large game compared to the GBA games of the same time, Tales of Phantasia will bring you a large map with many diverse gameplay scenes, and each place has its own characteristics and colors. This is one of the good points that I like. I’ve played a lot of fighting games, and also many role-playing games, but retro GBA role-playing with such a rich scene is indeed a bit rare.

Download Tales of Phantasia GBA ROM

The game has a lot of interesting open knots. It has good, deep dialogue and lovely characters, reasonable progression, ingenious story. The game is a fighting game but not too much combat, you will still have plenty of time to chat, explore, solve puzzles and contemplate some things in life. It’s worth playing, guys. It’s rare to find a GBA role-playing game that is as delicate and gentle as this.

Download Tales of Phantasia to play right here.

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