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NameSuper Monkey Ball Jr.
ConsoleBoy Advance

Super Monkey Ball Jr., the famous childhood game on Game Boy, is a combined product of the publisher THQ (USA) and Sega (Europe) and has now been re-imagined on mobile platforms.

Super Monkey Ball Jr.: Does the monkey lying in the ball know the way back to the goal?

Super Monkey Ball Jr. was present on the Game Boy platform nearly 20 years ago, from 2002, 2003. Generations of players have grown from enchanting finger clicks following this adorable baby monkey. And now, if you are still missing it and want to regain the feeling of the past on Super Monkey Ball Jr, please read this whole and go to the end to find the download link to your phone.

Super Monkey Ball Jr is an episode of the Super Monkey Ball series. Since its launch, the series in general and the game Super Monkey Ball Jr., in particular, captivated the hearts of many young people. The main reason is that this is one of the rare games on Game Boy that dared to use 3D graphics, which is considered a too strange technology for both players and people in the profession.

The idea of ​​making this game is quite strange

We need to create something to help players entertain but just need to brainstorm a little, control the crazy action of the character a little to run to achieve something. The whole process is quick. With just a little observation, a little ingenuity, the players can pass the scene easily without having to play too much in too stressful battles. 

The above is the thinking of the Realism team who directly made this famous game.

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Now let’s put it together: our main character is a cute baby monkey with ears curled like a croissant, a very classic identifying feature of the Super Monkey Ball series. Your task is to control the buttons of the game machine to help the baby monkey roll the ball back and forth on a flat surface and put the ball into the Goal. On the way of ball passing, you can comfortably eat as many bananas as possible to gain points and upgrade skills. Just that.

Now when it is recreated on the phone platform, you will be provided with emulator buttons to control as if you were playing on a real Game Boy of the past.

Do you think this game is easy to play?

I would say it’s easy to get used to, easy to approach. The proof is that the young and old, girls and boys, adults and children, can all play it. Nothing is confusing, nothing is hidden, everything is laid out, and with just a few taps on the screen, a scene will end in glory. The first scenes even do not use any gray matter.

But it is not easy to play at all, especially in the later rounds. Why did I say so? Because then that seamless flat plane will become broken, folded with die-cut shapes everywhere and many holes to the point of making you dizzy. So, is the way to the goal still easy?

Because then that flat will not stand still or oscillate gently like the original either but be bob like a wave, sometimes with uneven and dizzy up and down frequency. And it has up to 7749 different types of rotation and shaking that the system brings to make the monkey-in-the-ball run out of support.

And because then the goal is not as big as it used to be but will slowly get smaller and hide somewhere next to a really big hole. If you want to touch it, you will need a lot of skills accumulated from many previous “episodes”. But try to bounce the ball as high as jumping, or like rolling at a very fast speed, or try to fill the hole in seconds to run fast and touch the goal. Sometimes that’s the only way to win the battle.

But in addition to “being evil to life”, the game also gives us a lot of really cool and lovely experiences

You can choose plenty of characters such as AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, or GonGon. All of those babies are adorable and cute. You will forget all your sorrow when looking at them. Each has its own unique shape, which can be recognized immediately.

And to reduce the “crazy” when it is impossible to concede a goal, the game also gives players a multiplayer mode. You can play 2-4 people at the same time and can choose the same character. Having friends to fight with is fun and less stressful anyway, right?

Graphics and sound

I must say one word: lovely. I really love the baby monkey designs in this game. Today’s mobile games with countless simulators, role-playing scenes have taken people too far away from the original simple entertainment values. Super Monkey Ball Jr. has brought me back to that original feeling that I thought I had lost. Simple character creation is just a few cartoon strokes but can stay in memory for a long time, it is something that can make you laugh when you remember. The goal, the flat, the obstacles in the game are just colored blocks put together, clumsy but very natural in a sincere way. I really like it.

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The game also has cute music. I don’t understand why in the old days, people had so many cute game soundtracks. It’s not too much but makes the overall color pleasant, cheerful, and full of energy. This is the true entertainment value that I think every game, every period should have.

Download Super Monkey Ball Jr. GBA ROM for free

Well, honestly, the game is very stress-relieving, extremely cute, and extremely entertaining. Download Super Monkey Ball Jr. right here and play right away guys.

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