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NameSuper Mario Advance
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Super Mario Advance is a remake of the game Super Mario Bros 2 on the Game Boy platform. In the game, you can play as one of four legendary characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Princess Peach, and go on a fight against Bower and his gang.

Super Mario Advance: The next level of Mario 

In Super Mario Advance, we have a total of twenty stages in seven worlds. The game has become a prominent phenomenon in the Mario series of all generations, not only because of a mere remake of a Mario franchise, or with more novel game scenes, but also because of the series of differences that help increase player’s engagement and excitement many times.

The game has a faster tempo with impressive flexibility

The first is about game speed. The playing rhythm in Super Mario Advance is quite interesting and faster than the usual rhythms found in other Mario games. Enemies are everywhere, forcing you to always move quickly and cautiously along the scene.

I mentioned above that before entering the scene you will be able to choose your character from 4 friends: Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Princess Peach. It is noteworthy that each character has their own strengths and skills, so it is necessary to use as many advantages as possible to get through the scene as quickly as possible. The flexibility of the context, the way to observe the enemy and switch between the characters are the second factor that creates the strange attraction of this game.

The attacks of both our team and the enemy team are also much more diverse and improvised. Any item on the road can accidentally become a weapon in your hand. For example, you can uproot various plants from the ground and throw them at an enemy, or even grab a monster and spin it a few times and then throw it at another monster for both of them to be defeated. These random attacks don’t exist in other Mario games.

Vertical scenes and new game modes will take you into a challenging world

Another great difference of Super Mario Advance is the design of the game scenes. If traditional Mario favors a horizontal layout, Super Mario Advance continuously shows up tower-shaped scenes or continuous high-rise structures. It’s a bit difficult to play at first, but once you get used to it, you will find this is a very cool experience that has never been in other games before.

In addition, Super Mario Advance also has countless small improvements that bring many surprises: giant radishes, bigger hearts, bigger coins, and more diverse and sharper monsters.

The gameplay is also a factor that makes the game so successful. The game allows you to play with one of the game’s four characters, which means you can play online with up to 3 other players and fight in turn-based battles to progress through scenes. This combination creates great excitement while playing.

Graphics and sound

Super Mario Advance uses an extremely wide color palette to represent all the graphics and effects in the game. It can be said that in addition to gameplay, the graphics are the clearest and deepest upgrade compared to the original version of the game. The characters are detailed and have more depth. The size of the enemies and items also make the player’s experience more enthusiastic and enjoyable.

It is known that at launch, Nintendo emphasized they had integrated psychedelic color background technology into this game to create depth for all scenes and main characters, which made everything more magical than other games of the same time. You can see this difference most clearly in the sizzling fights between us and the evil sides.

The sound is also slightly enhanced. It is still the background music in Super Marios Bros 2. It still has the classic catchphrases of characters like Mario: “It-sa me, Mario!”, and Toad often shouts: “Me me me”, but with a different voice to be stronger, more assertive than the original.

Download Super Mario Advance GBA ROM for free

In short, by playing Super Mario Advance, you will have the opportunity to experience another dimension of the classic Mario game, in a more vertical and higher topography, both inherited and unique, and especially so challenging.

The game is worth playing, guys. Download Super Mario Advance to play right here.

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