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NameSilent Hill HD Collection
ConsoleSony Playstation 3

Silent Hill HD Collection is a video game compilation of remastered video game ports of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 developed by Hijinx Studios for the PS3 and Xbox360 consoles. In the game you play as two different characters of each story, embarking on a journey to uncover shocking secrets in the ghastly Silent Hill.

Introduce about Silent Hill HD Collection

Going to the end of unnamed obsessions.

Silent Hill HD Collection is an HD remaster of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. The original was released in 2001 and 2003 and received critical acclaim. Although in this HD remaster, players have different opinions, but no one can deny the influence and impact of Silent Hill HD Collection on survival fighting games of the next generation.

The plot of the Silent Hill HD Collection series

Silent Hill HD Collection has two parts: Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. In terms of the story, these two parts seem to have nothing relate to each other. But these two parts cause fear and obsession in players.

Silent Hill 2 tells the story of a man named James Sunderland searching for his wife, Marry, who passed away 3 years ago. James receives a strange letter from Marry, asking to meet him in a peaceful lakeside town called Silent Hill. Although knowing that something was strange and should not go on this trip, but unable to overcome curiosity and attachment to his deceased wife, James decided to go to Silent Hill. The horror starts here.

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When playing the game, the optimism and calm in you will be gone, replaced by obsessions about sexual abuse, self-denial, and serial murder. I finished playing and a few weeks later I still dream about that rusty, dried blood BrookHeaven hospital.

In Silent Hill 2, the main character quickly found his wife and quickly faced the secret. But in Silent Hill 3, the game has a different story. The story follows a tired-looking young girl named Heather who is trying to piece together her past while experiencing a series of flashbacks from constant nightmares. Beginning the half of the game, most of Heather’s actions and thoughts are quite slow and aimless.

But in the second half, the game became heavy with a series of events related to philosophy, religion, murderous madness, and made the player extremely scared. It’s the kind of fear that coming slowly but taking a long time to get out of the mind.

This game deserves to be the best game of every horror games

The image quality of Silent Hill HD Collection isn’t excellent, especially if you compare it to today’s horror games. But the important thing is that although it was born in the PS3 era, until now if you have the opportunity to play again, I’m sure that you still scare. Me too. There are many times when I wondered “Wow this game is from 10 years ago, why is it still so scary and weird?”

Of course, when playing, you will realize its inadequacies. As the character often struggles with the camera and the map, the melee can sometimes be inaccurate, the controls are sometimes quite difficult, and sometimes it has some confusing puzzles which are unnecessary for the plot. But in short, the game still has attractive gameplay, a spooky and creepy story.

And if anyone has played the horror game genre, when playing Silent Hill HD Collection, you still can’t help but jump out of the chair a few times and drop your phone. Silent Hill HD Collection is still a horror game monument, a place to recreate haunting horror and make all your senses rise in excitement and anxiety.

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The game does not have a specific level or scene. You simply role-play, encounter the darkest corners of the building, and fight with the most terrible monsters you can imagine. Everything around is covered in constant darkness and each battle is tense and scary.

The fear in the game comes from mentality, from the fear of loss, the fear of things we have never known, so it can have such a strong impact on the player right from the first scenes.

Puzzles are a prominent difficulty in the gameplay

It’s not just fear, scary bloody melee scenes, the specialty of Silent Hill HD Collection is also the puzzle feature. No one tells you what to do in the game. All the secrets, answers, and conclusions need you to tinker and discover by connecting facts, solving a few puzzles, finding different codes and directions along the way. The main puzzle is the peaceful silence filled with storms in the game, where you can recharge your character’s battery after intense battles and at the same time open a new fight.

Graphics and sound

Without the image and sound and a series of effects considered outstanding at that time, Silent Hill HD Collection could not have been so famous for horror. The game is a series of scenes wrapped in dense fog, limiting the player’s vision. Although in Silent Hill HD Collection everything seems a bit brighter and easier to see, in front of you is still a layer of fog that makes everything sink in scary gloom.

Ignore a few internal scandals that the public has dug up from the partnership between producer Konami and Hijinx Studio. In the game, the surround sound has some problems and the voice acting of the popular character in the old version has been replaced with a new voiceover, and sometimes the sound does not match the character’s lip movements.

Silent Hill HD Collection PS3 ROM

Many players believe that it is the unsmooth HD version that makes these two games show incomplete areas that were covered by fog in the original (such as the lake scene in Silent Hill 2 shows unfinished graphics on the water), the texture is high-resolution but the image has no new improvements, many big and small bugs and there is a phenomenon of dropping frames in some places. But above all, the appeal and horror of the Silent Hill HD Collection remain the same. Its terrifying value still makes you sleepless.

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In short, Silent Hill HD Collection is still the best game of the horror games genre. The game was born more than 10 years ago but still makes many generations suffer from haunting horror, even after you have stopped playing for a few weeks. If you want to take a trip to the world of survival and horror games, you have to sit on a train called Silent Hill HD Collection.

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