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NamePokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
ConsoleNintendo 3DS

Have you ever been on a roller coaster and experience the undulation when playing it? If not, let’s try Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. You will surely have a day with a lot of interesting experiences. Your emotions will fluctuate up and down like a roller coaster with this game.

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Introduce about Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Try on an “emotional roller coaster” with cute Pokemons!

Why can Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon make you restless?

Pokemon series usually fall into one of two categories. The first is where you transform into a Pokemon trainer and go around to collect Pokemon, then both fight the enemy and spend a beautiful youth with those lovely divine pets. The second is where you transform into a certain species of Pokemon and live in your free world, meet friends, perform your skills, and fight evil Pokemon. The second category is not as much as the first one. But those who are addicted to Pokemon role-playing games will never want to stop once you try them. A typical representation of such RPGs is Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

How to say. Playing Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is like you are on an emotional roller coaster. Your moods and emotions will fluctuate constantly. For example, when you feel happy as everything seems to get better, the storm of challenges comes again, letting you down quickly with its difficulty. Or when you find the game tempo is a bit overwhelming to you, you are rewarded with a few more soothing segments. Or when you find the plot a bit lengthy and boring, you are thrown into an unusual battle with so many surprises. The game promises to spin you around until you are completely immersed in its world and unable to resist its attraction.

In Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, you will transform into one of 20 types of Pokemon and start an epic adventure into a new world, where up to 720 species of Pokemon are lurking somewhere, waiting for you to find. The gameplay scenes are designed randomly, so even if you play it again and again, you will never go back to the same scene. You are free to explore the world around you. Very suitable for playing and having fun over and over, right?


It starts with a rather strange situation. You are originally a human, but you are losing your memory. And when you remember something, you are surprised to find yourself in the body of a Pokemon (which type of Pokemon is up to your choice from the beginning). You will then be adopted by a Nuzleaf living in the Pokemon village and will study in a local school. You discover the world is threatened by a mysterious epidemic that will turn humanity to stone. And you are the only one who can stop this. But you are in the form of a Pokemon, what should you do? Where should you start? Who should you meet? Who should fight with??? These questions appear one after another and are answered one by one in the battles later. The adventure begins here.


Dungeon warfare is a long process. You must balance between ‘finding magical gems, escaping, fighting enemies’ and ‘maintaining important items like food, healing berries, and elixir’.

Most of the time, you will wander around randomly generated dungeons in the form of a grid. Every time you re-enter the dungeon, each floor layout, enemy location, and item distribution will be completely new.

The battle system in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is quite similar to the classic Pokemon cartoons you’ve seen. But there are more tweaking elements to express the strategy and direct action of the players. You can see every enemy on the map and theoretically, you can avoid them. But no one wants to dodge them but always wants to find and attack them. When an enemy comes close to you at a certain distance, four Pokemon attacks you currently have will appear to let you know which will be the most effective and which will have no effect on this enemy at all. It sounds like it guides you from the simplest thing, but it does not.

Choosing which one to attack, making the combination of moves for the most damage all depend on you, the decision-maker. Your Pokemon has not only attacks but also many items in hand. If at the right time, the combination of attack and items (such as wands and orbs) can help you turn the tide. Many cool items bring unexpected effects like making enemies sick or revealing hidden stairs for you to hide… The deeper you go, the more opportunities you have to collect strange items and discover more hidden abilities of your Pokemon.

More unique, by attacking in Alliance and Emeras style, you will have even more advantages in battles. 

Attacking in Alliance style means you use all your three members to attack the enemy successionally in one move. For normal enemies, this attack is a bit too much and a bit wasteful. But when you face the boss in a dungeon with no lane, this is an extremely effective solution, like a gift for the player. Using the strengths of the whole team to fight the enemy’s weaknesses is a good part of the strategy that the game brings.

Attacking in Emeras style is placing magic gems around the dungeon to take full advantage of their benefits when fighting. Note that no matter how many you have accumulated, these gems only have an effect for a certain period and will disappear every time you leave the dungeon. Through the next dungeon, you will collect the magic gems from the beginning. Note that not all the gems are good and equally helpful. Some are strong, some are weak, and some are mostly just for fun but have no combat effect. 

How to recruit Pokemon?

In this game, you can no longer select Pokemons randomly. You will acquire them by completing quests through Expedition Orb. These quests can be finding lost Pokemon items, or more complex, rescuing a certain character in the story.

This quest system is very diverse and unpredictable. You are free to complete those quests in any way, in any order, as long as they are done so you can move on to the next ones. Once you complete a quest, that Pokemon will link to you in the Expedition Orb, and you can use that newly collected Pokemon to transform your incarnation. Thanks to that, the game is so diverse and fun, stimulating your curiosity anywhere you go. That’s why I say Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is a rare Pokemon game that requires patience. To win it, you must play and ponder a lot, not just constantly fight.

Download Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 3DS ROM & CIA

The game has lovely images, diverse colors, smooth movements, and very good 3D effects. This top-down viewing fighting adventure game will definitely bring you many emotions. 

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