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Pokemon SoulSilver is one of the fun games for the Nintendo DS. You can download this game to your device via the links below.

Introduce about Pokemon SoulSilver

Many reviews say that Pokemon SoulSilver and Pokemon HeartGold are two of the best Pokemon games. I also do not dare to confirm this until I experience them, although they are two remake versions, add new features and new Pokemon to the Nintendo DS. And in the framework of this article, we will learn about new things with Pokemon SoulSilver.

The journey to become a Pokemon trainer

Pokemon SoulSilver is a role-playing game combined with adventure elements. Its gameplay is not much different from Pokemon versions in previous generations. Your goal remains to be a Pokemon Trainer.

This journey spans two continents Kanto and Johto in the legendary Pokemon world. These two lands are very large, comprising of wild sesame forests, towns and cities. Most locations have areas for you to compete with Boss or other trainers.

Every town has a practice room where you can play alongside legendary trainers. These gyms have a floor structure that follows the higher floor rule, the stronger the opponent. If you beat all the coaches of the gym, you will receive an achievement badge. Collect enough achievement badges, you can access a new area where has legendary pokemon and trainers. Of course, to achieve the title of Pokemon Trainer, you have to beat them.

Pokedex and Pokemon

In Pokemon SoulSilver (and Pokemon HeartGold), Pokedex has been updated to over 160 types of Pokemon. In fact, the Pokedex acts like a checklist where you can check out all the available Pokemon to collect in the game. They are listed in detail, in terms of their attributes, systems, abilities, and skills.

In terms of Pokemon, Pokemon SoulSilver has shown diversity as it has added new Pokemon, typically SoulSilver. During your quest, the NPCs will provide you with special orbs for you to capture new Pokemon. Of course, you can also catch wild Pokemon, but their stats aren’t really that high.

Pokemon can evolve and gain a new form when they gain some special achievement, such as reaching a certain level, or their favorite Trainer points.


The battles in Pokemon SoulSilver are turn-based. When you want to catch a Pokemon or compete with other trainers, the screen switches to battle mode, along with a panel at the bottom of the screen. This panel includes Pokemon moves, Item Menu and the ability to switch between Pokemon. You will take the action each time it is your turn.

Each Pokemon has HP stats, you can observe their status in the top corner of the screen. When Pokemon are attacked, their HP will gradually decrease, depending on the damage level of the opponent. Your goal is to keep this HP level steady (green). If you find you can’t win against your opponent, run away so that the Pokemon won’t get hurt. Otherwise, they will faint and can no longer fight, you will have to take them to Pokemon Center for treatment.

What’s new in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The first new feature to mention is Pokemon SoulSilver that allows Pokemon to follow the player. In fact, Pokemon Yellow has this feature added since version, but most other versions do not. Thanks to that, you can also interact with your Pokemon, chat with them and know how they are feeling. Some Pokemon are quite clever, they can prompt players to pick up some special items nearby.

Next, Pokemon SoulSilver adds a new minigame called Pokeathlon. Here, Pokemon can be played and compete with each other in competitions without the need for player control.

Finally there is an item called GB Sounds. This item allows players to change the background music quickly.

Download Pokemon SoulSilver Nintendo DS

With the above mentioned, Pokemon SoulSilver is really a remarkable version and worth your time to experience. Download the game here, install it on your Nintendo DS or emulator to begin your journey on the Kanto continent.

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