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NamePokémon Ruby Version
ConsoleBoy Advance

So for me, Pokemon Ruby Version is one of the best Pokemon games ROM on the GBA platform.

About Pokémon Ruby Version

Referring to the Pokemon game series, perhaps many people will immediately think of the Gameboy or Gameboy Color system from the time they were popular, with the Pokemon Silver version and the classic “black and white” Pokemon Gold. However, few people know that the new Gameboy Advance is the system that brings this series of games to a new level with the set of 3 names: Pokemon Ruby, Saphire and Emerald. Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Saphire were released by Nintendo and Gamefreak worldwide in 2003.

There is no denying the fact that after the third generation (Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald), the quality of this legendary series gradually goes down – when the gameplay has not much innovation, and the plot of the latter version is much worse than the first, second and third generations.


Originally one of the three best versions of the heyday, Pokemon Ruby’s mechanism and plot itself were excellent enough to not need to be discussed much.

Hoenn Continent – a paradise of Pokemon currently facing a strong threat from the two biggest criminal organizations, Team Aqua and Team Magma. The “anonymous” main character (the name given by the player) will set out to train himself, take care of his Pokemon, with the lofty goal of defeating them and rescuing the legendary 2 Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre. However, the path to becoming a professional Pokemon trainer is not simple …

Adventure gameplay

The gameplay of Ruby and Saphire are similar, there are not many differences. You will accompany your character to travel across new lands, participate in battles with the head of the sports department, confront Team Aqua or Team Magma depending on the respective versions are Saphire and Ruby (each version You can only meet one organization and not both), and finally reach the honor ring of the “Four Great Kings” Elite Four, put your name on the leaderboard of excellent trainers.

A massive game

In addition to the main storyline, Pokemon Ruby also possesses many different “play dishes”, such as fishing, bike control, “raising virtual animals” by incubating eggs, collecting hidden tricks. and especially to win more than 150 types of Pokemon to add to the list in PokeDex! It will all cost you 300-400 hours of play – a real … terrible number! Of course, you can speed up the game by holding down the [+] key in the numpad.

In particular, Game Freak has added a large number of new Mega Evolution levels to third-generation Pokémon such as Sceptile, Swampert, Altaria, Mawile, Medicham, and Sharpedo …

A series of Pokémon that were previously considered “scraps” because of their poor attributes, poor stats, and “slipping” skills … are in turn “made life” thanks to Mega Evolution’s ability, making players available More options for arranging a good squad.

Download Pokemon Ruby Version GBA ROM for free

The journey will be very long, and this game will not be for anyone in a hurry. If you are someone who is patient and passionate about Pokemon, please join the Hoenn continent liberation journey in Pokemon Ruby with APKMody!

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