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NamePokémon Leaf Green Version
ConsoleBoy Advance

Pokémon Leaf Green Version is the 3rd generation of the role-playing game series that combines adventure hunting Pokemon for Game Boy Advance GBA.

About Pokémon Leaf Green Version

You can download Pokemon Leaf Green Rom for free to play offline on GBA emulators. Along with Pokemon Fire Red, Pokémon Leaf Green is an upgrade of Pokemon Red and Blue that has been available to players since 1996. Introduced in 2004, this game has many notable improvements.


The plot of Pokémon Leaf Green revolves around the main character is a child living in a small town called Pallet Town. This is the area where many wild Pokemon live.

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You will transform into this character and start the journey full of adventure. At a lawn, you will meet Professor Oak, who will warn of the dangers of wild Pokemon. Oak takes you to the research lab and tells you a lot about Pokemon, which will inspire the journey …


Like the previous versions, you will still control the main character in the top-down perspective and participate in turn-based battles. Throughout the game, you will catch and nurture, train Pokemon to bring to fight.

Pokemon Leaf Green 2

New features in the Pokémon Leaf Green game include additional help options in the context menu and new play area. You need to complete some tasks, unlock the plot to access this area.

The main screen is overworld, where you navigate the young Pokemon trainer. Let’s start by catching Pokemon by throwing Poke Ball on it. After that, we will train and level up each monster to wait until the day of fighting with other trainers.

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Pokémon Leaf Green players can connect to the Pokemon Ruby version to unlock more than 350 Pokemon types. In Pokemon Box, we can organize and see the connected Pokemon. Do not forget that 30 gamers will be allowed to participate in a special place called Union Room to trade, exchange Pokemon, fight, or simply chat.

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