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NamePokémon Diamond
ConsoleNintendo DS
RequiresNintendo DS

Adventure and catch your favourite Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond. Download this game to Nintendo DS or emulator via the link below this article.

Introduce about Pokemon Diamond

Today, when it comes to legendary games, people often think of the franchise series Mario and Pokemon. They seem to have become a part of the childhoods of many 8x and 9x generations. In the previous introduction, I have introduced you to many versions of the Pokemon series such as Pokémon Black, Pokémon Leaf Green and Pokemon SoulSilver.

Conquer the Sinnoh land

Pokémon Diamond’s story is like its predecessor, starting with a boy or girl who lives in a village near the town of Twinleaf in the Sinnoh region. You are given one of three Pokémon by Professor Rowan and sent to the Pokémon world to collect data about them. In the process, you will learn how to fight and collect Pokémon. There is a lot of potential danger from wild Pokémon and other trainers like you.

Journey across the vast Sinnoh region spans over eight towns. Each place has a gym with a champion. You will beat these coaches to win medals, towards the position of best trainer Sinnoh.

However, the difficulty did not stop there. Pokémon Diamond also has criminal organizations such as Team Rocket and Team Galactic. They have a powerful force, distributed everywhere. Furthermore, the members possess powerful legendary Pokémon. You will have to develop the strength to be able to defeat them, continue the journey.

Collect hundreds of Pokémon

Collecting Pokémon is a fun part of the game. You can explore the unique abilities of many different species, with different systems. This process will also help you gain more knowledge about Pokémon and find the most powerful Pokémon.

You start with one of the three Pokémon that Professor Rowan offers. As you master the basic missions and controls, you’ll wander through forests, tall grasslands, underground caves, and countless other locations. Wild Pokémon will often attack you. You can catch them with Pokéball, effectively tame them and turn them into companions. However, remember, you need to lower their health (HP) to a low level to catch them.

Having multiple Pokémon gives you a huge advantage. Pokémon Diamond is a tactical role-playing game. These summoned beasts are divided into systems and these systems can control each other. You can bring up to six Pokémon into battle at the same time. This will help you to improve your situation and make your strategy more diverse.

Each Pokémon has a skill system, including basic and advanced skills. They can learn up to four different skills. These skills can be naturally learned as Pokémon gain experience and level up. If not, you will have to teach them using the secret you gained while doing the quests. In addition, Pokémon can also evolve. This process not only helps them to become stronger, but also gives them a new appearance, big and much more beautiful.

Also, there’s one more thing I want to mention. In addition to catching wild Pokémon or trading with others, you can also directly catch Pokémon of the trainers you are confronting. The moment his Pokémon weakens is when you can use Pokéball to capture them, bring them back to your squad.

Download Pokémon Diamond Nintendo DS

Besides the newly added Pokémon, Pokémon Diamond has been improved in terms of graphics and features. The most prominent is the online play feature – something that fans have been waiting for for a long time. Thanks to that, you can interact with your friends or other real players. Compete with them in hand-to-hand battles, or simply trade Pokemon to enrich your collection.

Overall, Pokémon Diamond is a good game. The publisher has sold two million copies worldwide shortly after the game’s commercialization. Now, you have the opportunity to experience Pokémon Diamond completely free.

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