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Persona 5 is so interesting that I have just played and re-read the entire biography as well as the details in each part of the Persona series. And the more I read, the more I fall into its matrix of excitement with no exit.

Introduce about Persona 5

The scariest are the cruel desires in the human subconscious.

Persona 5 is part 5 of the famous Japanese Anime-style RPG, Persona. You will wear the Persona mask and fight against the monsters of the Metaverse subconscious world.

About Persona 5’s story

Looking at the title, everyone can guess that this is only part 5 in the entire series of the same name. In this part, you will transform into a male student from Shujin Academy, with the alias being Joke, and accompany his friends in the adventure going ahead. The group awakened their Persona powers and formed an anonymous hero organization called “Phantom Thieves of Hearts” to investigate the Metaverse space. By destroying the monsters that arise from the subconscious desires of the individual, they can change the hearts of criminals or subdue extremely evil people.

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Joker’s companions include Ryuji Sakamoto (co-founder of the group), Morgana (anonymous cat), Ann Takamaki (beautiful girl working as a fashion model), Yusuke Kitagawa (an artistic prodigy), hacker Futaba Sakura (the second-generation chaebol of Haru Okumura), Makoto Nijima (the student council president of Shujin)…

To fight, the group had to work very hard to balance between study time and time for dangerous quests each day. For example, you must choose between going to school all day or fighting exhausting all night in the Metaverse then sleeping in the next day. Unlike the previous parts, in Persona 5, we not only have to fight monsters, evil people in the dark spaces but also get vivid cutscenes about friendship, love, growth, and dreams of eighteen ordinary boys and girls. That colorful picture has made Persona 5 hauntingly beautiful and lives in the hearts of players forever.

Space where the story takes place

The main space where the events take place is Shujin Academy, where our characters are studying. The game recreates famous Japanese neighborhoods such as Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and a series of specific places that you will slowly explore further such as shops, cinemas, casinos…

But that is only a part of the game, as in Persona 5, you’ll be led to a spooky city called the Metaverse which is a parallel space to this earth. This place has all the weird things that you can’t even imagine in a dream. It is where all the monsters represent the infinite desires in the human subconscious. Like the movie Inception, in the “Metaverse”, individuals with strong subconscious powers and great desires can create so massive Palaces that they distort all perceptions of themselves and others about the real world they live in. That’s why our group of hidden warriors will have to track down and suppress this “Metaverse” universe as soon as possible.

Role-playing is strangely attractive

The entire game is based on the philosophy: Persona (meaning Mask). Every person who lives in life wears one (or more) mask to hide his true nature and self. That hidden part is called the Shadow, which is both good and bad and is never revealed until when the circumstances force it to the extreme or when it is forcefully destroyed by another Mask. Your task is to use your Peronas to fight, unmasking the surrounding villains and forcing the Shadow in them to reveal. The Personas are divided into different classes called Arcana, each of which corresponds to a tarot card.

The first interesting thing about role-playing is the ability to simulate society and work based on day and night cycles, and weather distribution systems just like in real life. In the game, you will see that a Joker’s day is just as normal as any other high school boys’: study, exam, friends, teachers, part-time job, entertainment…

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And such an activity is not just for fun. Through it, you can slowly improve the attributes of your character to fight better later. Typically, the Confidants stat can increase when you develop relationships with other characters, and even when you flirt and have a romance with a cute girl. A good relationship can upgrade the level of Loyalty between members of the organization and help open up many other fighting skills.

The next point is the fictional things in the Metaverse space. This place has a special place called the Mementos dungeon, where frequent skirmishes with subconscious monsters take place. It is also where members of Phantom Thieves of Hearts can fulfill requests from NPCs such as Stealth to bypass enemies’ eyes, using the ultimate Insight ability called “Third Eye” to solve puzzles. Interestingly, Third Eye is also an item that helps you see the limit of each enemy’s strength to fight faster and more effectively.

Note that in the subconscious world, there is always a meter. When this machine reaches 100%, the group is forced to leave immediately to escape danger. When fighting monsters, this alarming level will be reduced to the lowest level when defeating the enemy. In this world, there is also a safe room where you can heal wounds, hide for a while or find a way to another safe room in difficult situations.

Explosive visual and sound

In this part 5, the character designs have been redesigned to be smoother with more depth and sharpness. The important characters and sophisticated monsters are even designed with very high resolution, contributing to the visual appeal of the game. Many people are even obsessed with these shapes for a long time even after having finished hundreds of hours of playing this game.

Persona 5 screenshot

There must be so much praise for the sound that musical genius Shoji Meguro put into Persona 5. Not only does it stop at the background music, sound effects when taking a move, but the game also has dozens of other extremely detailed sounds, making the whole scene vivid like a Hollywood action movie. Voices from veteran voice actors, small sounds like running, rustling leaves, tired breathing of characters, howls of ghost army… all will put you in a state of hovering mind. You will never forget it, believe me.

Download Persona 5 PS3 ROM & ISO

Such an imprint is the proof of the absolute impressiveness and attractiveness of Persona 5. I can now conclude immediately that if you want to understand JRPGs, you must play Persona 5 where the whole world and all the essence of JRPG are included.

Here is the link to download Persona 5 for those who want to try exciting and breathless fun.

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