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NameNinja Cop
ConsoleBoy Advance

Ninja Cop is a platformer game from the famous publisher Konami, known as one of the Game Boy’s games that was hunted by so many people.

Ninja Cop: Ninja Hero and the fight for justice

It’s rare for a new game to become an acclaimed phenomenon and quickly become popular without any marketing gimmicks like Ninja Cop (also known in North American countries as Ninja Five-O).

If you are curious about Ninja, it is impossible not to know or not play Ninja Cop

Ninjas are a group of real people in Japanese history in Kamakura – Edo period. They are mercenaries operating in secret. Although the time was quite short, it left behind many generations with combat achievements, secret techniques, and skills. So, it is not surprising that Ninja is the subject chosen to exploit for many entertainments including games.

And anyone who knows Ninja games can’t help but know Ninja Cop. This is a game about twenty years ago, the Game Boy players had been actively searching for it to play. Now Ninja Cop is back, still with its original retro look, but playable on your own mobile.

How the game challenges you?

Ninja Cop is a moving action game. You play as a Shinobi (another name for Ninja). At first, things seem light when your opponents are just nameless thugs in a bank, on the street, or at a house. But later on, the level of “rabidity” of these evils increased. They will be the real villains, like a giant frog-riding ninja, or a big, corrupt landowner samurai.

At that time, things were really not that easy anymore.

Your mission is always the same: defeat all the evil gang members, rescue the hostages on the way, find the exit, and destroy the final boss to pass the scene. Briefly say that so that you can imagine how “resourceful” this Ninja guy is. And your task at the beginning of the game is not only to admire the dear retro scene but to learn from the beginning how to control the weapons and tools you have. Depending on the terrain they are standing on, the weapon they are using, and their vision, you will think quickly to choose the appropriate attack or approach. And when you have chosen, you must act like lightning.

Intriguing Hidden Strategy

Although made decades ago, the reality and logic in Ninja Cop have made many gamers today take their hat off. In the game, many spectacular situations make you confused and awkward. For example, at the same time, enemies appear from all directions, all strong and equally aggressive and rushing into you, which one will you deal with first? Or they will use hostages to make a bulletproof barrier, how will you handle them? When to use stealth measures or direct attack with weapons?

And now you probably understand why at such an old age, Ninja Cop has always been the top wall of every generation of platformer games, don’t you? In the battle scene of the game, there is also a strategy part that requires both thinking, choice, and even moments of hesitation of the player before striking.

Upgrade elements

Our Ninja character originally only had 3 basic moves: darts, knife attacks, and wall-mounted flying. But later when you go through the new scenes, there will be treasures along the way. Opening the treasure will give you more powerful moves and an increase in power. They will be a laser gun, stealth, longer health column, shorter cooldown (only needed for important moves). The weapons in Ninja Cop are upgraded in the form of ladders. That is, for example, the first upgrade will turn the knife into a burning fireball that gives damage, and the two upgrades will get a powerful laser gun.

The manufacturer is quite “thrifty” in providing rare health support measures for the Ninja. When you find a hidden weapon, the weapon will be upgraded as I said above (weapons only). BUT every time you are hurt by an enemy’s attack, your health will automatically drop and your weapon will also drop one level. Pain is there.

But there is a small consolation for us: Enemies in Ninja Cop can never be regenerated, even the bosses in the high levels.

The second consolation is: the game has a non-linear design. This means that in a game scene, we can choose to solve the problems alternately or in any order that we want as long as it ends up killing all the bad enemies. In total, Ninja Cop has 5 big missions taking place in many different locations in the city. Each mission is further divided into three sub-stages and a boss battle at the end.

And if you are a Game Boy addict and have an absolute love for Ninja, then I can predict you may finish the game within 5-7 hours maximum. But whether that time is right for you or not, you must play to know, because many times we still can’t imagine its difficulty when just reading through this review.

Graphics and music

To be fair, the visuals in Ninja Cop look a bit boring although I know that with the old 16-bit graphics technology, it is not possible to make the colors or sharper. But unfortunately, there are a few regrets about the surrounding scene. If they are invested a little more to match the appearance and sharp lines of the characters (main and secondary), perhaps the game experience process will be extremely good.

The music in the game is quite classic. The music without lyrics with a fairly fresh and crisp tempo inspires the players to fight quite well. Compared to the visual, the sound of Ninja Cop brings more praise from the users.

Download Ninja Cop GBA ROM for free

In the past, for some unknown reason (about the license?), Konami was not able to bring Ninja Cop widely. At that time, there were not many strategic fighting games like this and if Ninja Cop were more popular, it would be much different now. But let go of the regrets of the past, now just live for the present. My conclusion is that Ninja Cop is extremely worth playing and experiencing. It is a great combination of the ingenious level design skills of the manufacturer with the placement of weapons, the right skills for the main character, and the tactical requirements from low to high in each level. Is there any other reason for you to not try it?

Download Ninja Cop right here.

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